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Yankees Rumors - Lots of Good Ideas, Very Little Realism
Monday, December 04, 2006
countdown chain!Construction paper coundown chains: good for the anticipation of baseball season, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or your Human Sacrifice.

According to my construction paper countdown chain (see above), the Yankees are set to open the 2007 season against the Rays in just 119 days, and there are still holes in the roster. The Yanks are actually in relatively good shape compared to years past, but they are still in dire need of a starting pitcher and are hunting for a right-handed hitting first baseman so that we shan’t be tortured by Giambi’s awkward half-splits when he stretches to scoop up a wayward A-Rod throw. As we speak, Cashman and the rest of the MLB head honchos are gallivanting about Orlando, discussing trades whilst standing in line for Space Mountain and making calls to Boras in between bites of churro, providing fodder for us news-hungry fans in the form of unverified rumors and likely unfeasible trades. Here are a few of the most interesting Yankees-related rumors:

pettittePettitte, Please: Andy’s agent, Randy Hendricks, has assured various curious reporters that Pettitte (right - he's already got the uniform, he should just make it easy on himself and join the team immediately) will make his decision on the retirement question by Christmas. If he decides to play next season, the Astros and the Yanks are expected to be his two main suitors. Cashman has refused to say whether he has already contacted Andy, but there has been significant speculation/wishful thinking that Andy would like to return to the Yankees in 2007 - - and if Pettitte were to sign with the Yanks, we can expect a barrage of Clemens-to-Yanks rumors to follow.

A-Rod a (White) Sox? I really don’t think A-Rod is going anywhere, but White Sox GM Ken Williams seems pretty keen on shipping Joe Crede and a starting pitcher like Mark Buehrle or Freddy Garcia over to the Yanks to bring A-Rod to Chi-town. I think it’s pretty safe to file this in the “not going to happen, please leave it alone” category, but I suppose stranger trades have happened (Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano?!).

D-Train to the Bronx?
I think anyone would be thrilled to have Dontrelle Willis on their pitching staff, but unfortunately that includes the Marlins – and they already have him. The Marlins have not expressed any interest in trading him, but that hasn’t stopped sports journalists and bloggers from writing a myriad of stories featuring D-Train trade rumors to several teams, including the Yankees.

shearichie sexsonGiambi’s 1st base glove needs a new hand: Cashman is dedicated to keeping Giambi far, far away from defensive duties, meaning that either Andy Phillips will play 1st on a daily basis or Cashman will have to go outside to bring in a defensive first baseman (a righty hitter, to round out the batting lineup). Notoriously volatile ex- Toronto Blue Jay and SF Giant Shea Hillenbrand (left, coming after me for thinking anything bad about him) is a free agent and has been rumored to be on Cashman’s short list all winter despite his penchant for tantrums; he hit .277 with 21 homers last year and would probably be a good fit for the Yanks if they could put a muzzle on him. A more exciting – though less likely – option would be to arrange a trade with the Mariners for Richie Sexson (above right, playing DEFENSE), whom the Mariners are reportedly looking to deal. Richie hit .264 with 34 homers and a .338 OBP and wrote 0 inappropriate messages team locker room blackboards last year.

The winter meetings have been in session for 2 days now and just 1 major signing has taken place (The Red Sox signed JD Drew to a 5-year deal worth $70 million), so I think we can expect a flurry of activity over the next few days. Stay tuned…

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, December 04, 2006  
  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous ChrisV82 said…

    I actually feel good about pitching. As Verducci pointed out...

    "Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang and Mike Mussina would give the Yankees a solid front three, leaving Johnson, who is recovering from back surgery, Pavano, Igawa, Darrell Rasner, Jeff Karstens and in-season callup Philip Hughes as a comfortable inventory of pitchers to fill the other 66 or so starts. It also would keep the valuable Scott Proctor in the bullpen. In the meantime, as a fallback position only, the Yankees have told Proctor to prepare for Spring Training as a starter."

    ...so even without Pettite, we should be okay.

    As for First base, I bet Cash surprises us all. It sort of makes me wish I was good at defense, I wouldn't mind being a journeyman ballplayer getting $700,000 a year for a few years.

  • At 5:09 AM, Blogger bardos said…

    just discovered yr blog. nice. i think pettitte is bound for houston. he's obviously waiting for their offer to rise. If he weren't, he would have already signed a two year $15 per deal with the Yankees.

  • At 3:17 PM, Blogger Steve Kenul said…

    Gotta correct a slight error in your post. Yankees open the 2007 season vs Devil Rays, not Blue Jays.

  • At 3:19 PM, Blogger Yankees Chick said…

    steve - - don't you get your "r" and "j" keys mixed up all the time!?

    thanks :)

  • At 3:26 PM, Anonymous TwentySeven said…

    First base - rule 5 draft pick Josh Phelps might get some playing time during spring training. He is a butcher defensively, but could be a solid righty hitter given the at-bats.
    Sexson, by the way, is actually one of the worst defenders out there. He just cuts down on his errors, but has poor range and can't throw well. Say it with me, "overrated!"

    Pitching, our depth is solid with or without Pettitte. I'm actually pretty comfortable with the team!

  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger colton said…

    The yankees need to go after Todd Helton who will make it in the hall fame when he retires and the only way there going to get this sluger is by giving up a pitching prospect.Also they dont need Shea Hillbrand he has never been a great hitter or a good at deffence and he will be a waist of money and other things. They need to give up two pitching prospects for Helton but if there some way they can not get him go after Richie Sexson he is a two time all-star.

  • At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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