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Hey, 4 out of 25 Ain't Bad! Oh Wait, Yes It Is.
Saturday, May 26, 2007
winnersThis could be the only Yankees team winning fancy trophies this year, my friends

Per official MLB rules, each team is allowed 25 men on their active roster. Per logic, in order to win games, a majority of these 25 athletes need to be performing well.

The Yankees have 4 players on their active roster that are playing like champions, and 21 losers taking up space and contributing close to nothing (and that's being generous, some of these chumps contribute less than nothing and are actually detrimental just by coming near the rest of the team [I'm looking at you, Farnsworthless]). By the magic of mathematics and the probability (and do not forget, the Yankees Chick was the vice-president of the math club in high school), it seems highly unlikely that the Yanks could win many games operating at just 16%.

Before I continue to bitch about the underperforming wastes of space on this team, let me take a moment to congratulate the 4 aforementioned champion players and thank them for their tireless efforts to salvage some semblance of quality play for the team. Thank you, Andy Pettitte, for being the only pitcher on the team to pitch consistent quality starts. He hasn't had one cringe-worthy start all season and his record should be much higher - - he's had a couple leads blown by the bullpen. Another thank you goes to A-Rod, for forcing fickle Yankees fans to see and appreciate his talent as he continues to be the only Yankee showing any power and the one knocking in almost a fifth of all the Yanks runs. Dear Jeter is deserving of a third thank you, for doing what he always does - hitting for average (.364), getting on base (.443), and coming through in the clutch (.500 average with runners in scoring position). Rounding out that quartet of Yanks who are actually playing respectably is Jorgie Posada, whose .371 batting average puts him ahead of the rest of the league, and whose arm remains as sharp as those of many of his younger counterparts - he's thrown out 9 would-be base-stealers so far. Good work, men! I hope you're enjoying your personal successes as your teammates screw you out of hopes of winning a World Series ring this year.

Now back to the hating. I have an indiscriminate and largely irrational hatred for most of the team right now, from Cano right on down to Mariano. Every batter is chopping at balls like the object of the game is to never stand still and look at a pitch, and every pitcher has apparently forgotten that they are supposed to throw the ball past the batter, not directly at the sweet spot of the bat. Their overall attitude is disappointing and worrisome; how are we supposed to remain hopeful when none of them get fired up or inspired to try harder in the face of tough times?

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, May 26, 2007  
  • At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Yankees need to trade away or kill Bobby Abreu. This over-priced piece of crap hasn't done a thing in nearly 3 weeks. From May 16th through today (May 26th), he has collected 9 hits. Give me $300k, and I'll go play right field. I may not be able to hit a fastball or a curveball, but at least when the fans boo, they won't be booing a $52 million dollar man.

  • At 7:30 PM, Anonymous matt said…


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger buddaddy said…

    Agreed. This is really f-ing frustrating; I'm having trouble even watching these games!

    Agreed re: Abreu. What Would Bernie Do?

  • At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The teams' approach to gamaes is pathetic. Torre and the coaches have to take some of the heat for this yet Steinbrenner cannot give them the kind of heat they need or Clemens' contract could be voided. I'll get more into that on later posts.

    But swinging at first pitches, swinging at everything, watching called third strikes in late innings, the ABs are pathetic! Nobody walks.

    It seems few of the pitchers have warmed up FULLY in time to start each game. You know they haven't thrown enough warm-up pitches when the starter gives up 3-4 runs in the first inning or two and then shuts down the opposing team on 3 hits for the next 5-6 innings.

    And the moves Torre makes with the young pitchers are unbelievable. Mussina whose arm is probably half shot is allowed to go 6-7 innings and allow 7 runs before getting the hook while Tyler Clippard gets the hook after 4 innings giving up 3 runs and the with the team behind by one run? I'm sure that Clippard has more in his tank than Mussina at this point.....so what's the deal here? Doesn't the Yankees' front office and management think us fans want to see wins? I'd rather watch Clippard and Desalvo develop than watch Mussina unravel.

  • At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Paul said…

    Very well said. Bobby A-boo-boo needs to go bye bye. Big fat-head Sosa look-alike that he is.

  • At 5:36 PM, Blogger jimithegreek said…


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