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The Blame Game
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Well, the season is effectively over. The team has been eliminated and the Girardi has switched to "let's see what these no-names and prospects can do" mode when creating his lineup.

I was hesitant to start throwing blame around while the Yanks were technically still in the mix, but now that the FAIL has been made official I think it'd be interesting to get some opinions on who - if anyone - and/or what y'all think is at fault. Obviously, there were a LOT of problems plaguing the team, from injuries to slumps to peeps not living up to their expectations, but I can't help but think that there has to be one prevailing reason that the team couldn't hack it.

Or perhaps I just want to single someone/something out so that I can comfort myself with the fact that at least there is a REASON they lost... and that if that person/thing just shaped up for 2009 things would be totally different. Ya hear?

Let's play the blame game!

Who or What Can We Blame for This Disastrous Season??
The Steins
Cash Man
Hughsie and IPK
INJURIES to Jorgie, Wang, et al
Robby Cano Dontcha Know
NOT Getting Santanamania
ALL of the Players
Can't Pick Just One...
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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, September 24, 2008  
  • At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I truly do not think that any person or persons can be blamed. Sure Hughes and IPK were disappointing, and Wang, Posada hurt to lose. But we still had some horses and did you ever think Moose would be a hero? I was not as disappointed in Cano as Giambi as Cano is still a baby and Giambi, while he hit the clutch HR was stoppable in batting avg. with the defensive move. The guy cannot hit to left if his live depended on it.
    More than that I think the team chemistry was woefully lacking. As much as Jeter tried to be cheerleader, he was not able to lead somehow. I am not knocking him but some of the crew behind him was marching to a different drummer, and that drummer for the Damons, Abreus, even A-Rod, (dare I throw a stone at Pavano here?) was $$$$$. Damon and Abreu were horrible in the outfield. How many times did you hear the broadcasters diplomatically say that these guys seemed to fail to communicate? Not only that, how many times did you see Abreu play in too far, or be out of poition, or make an Emmy award looking jump at the wall when if he were looking at the ball he could have caught it? We needed stability in the OF and these guys were disabilities out there, while making those offensive numbers excusing them. Give me Melky back and his batting will follow.
    A-Rod is great and we need to keep him. Eventually he will become less of a head case and will indeed hit well with men on base, maybe just get the divorce behind him??
    Yeah and obviously you can't win with the pitching rotation we could not rotate with. I just hope Joba becomes a workhorse whether in the pen or as a starter. So far I am a little scared that he is reading his own press and if he cannot live up to it may become a cocky whiner.
    We need consistency, not too many changes, but some strategic ones, and be able to put together a team who not just wants to win, but will refuse to lose, and have fun doing it.

  • At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Chris said…

    My friends and I were talking about what went wrong a few days ago and frankly, if we hadn't been forced to stop, we'd still be there. So many things happened it's unbelievable.

    The lineup was the biggest problem. The only one who was consistent was Damon, everybody else stunk up the joint. For most of the year, Jeter was a .270 hitter bouncing into rally-killing dps left and right. Abreu was dreadful at getting runners in from third with less than two outs and all I'll say about A-Whore is he didn't once take this team on his back like he had to at times. Cano really took a few steps back, I'm hearing Cano for Kemp rumors, I'd love to see it happen. Cano is a lazy, arrogant piece of trash who needs to go. These were the main culprits in the lineup, but the other guys didn't do much to help either and not having Posada hurt.

    Cashman gets blame for not trading Hughes and Kennedy, those two suck, period. Neither will develop into an ace.

    Girardi is just a moron. He doesn't swing the bats, he doesn't throw the pitches but he made a lot of dumb decisions that cost us a handful or more games.

    The Steins are just stupid. Neither is their father. You have Hank who just pops off and says dumb stuff and Hal, who runs the business side seems like a cheapskate. This organization is going right into the dumpster with dumb and dumber in charge.

  • At 5:59 AM, Anonymous yankyclpr said…

    The Yanks, will all their problems, have a chance to win 90 games. As poor as it has been, if they had Wang, they could or should be in there. He would have at least won 10 games.

    But having said that. The softball team they put together is to blame. That outfield needs a fourth out there, to cover any ground. The rest outside of Jeter, and Arod, are Dh's/1st baseman.

    Girardi has been given this team, and still could win 90 games?

    Ohh I forgot, he Joe, take two kids in your starting rotation, that weren't even in the majors last year. Then we will throw in Joba who has never been a starter. MAKE THAT WORK WILL YA?

    Changes, Cano, trade gone. Matsui, trade, prospects, I dont care. Damon, you have done well, but your arm looks like my daughters. Abreu, we can't tell you are all of a sudden playing for a contract can we? Giambi, sorry sir, but my softball team needs an EH/1st basemen. Thats a lot of coin to be eating up, for .250.

    Now I would start by signing Mr. 1st base from the Angels. Then I would try to get one of the top starters on the market. Not both. I think Hughes can be something. I would try to get Moose back, and even Andy. Second base, I would look for some youth, or a slap hitter, with speed. Outfield, see what the farms got, or find another slap hitter with speed in the outfield. IF you have Nady, Gardner, and a quick right fielder, you can create runs. YOu have power with A-Rod, Nady, and Jorge if he is healthy. We need to be able to go from 1st to 3rd, or 2nd to home on a hit. NO more CONGA LINES.

    The bullpen is decent.

    Seriously Wang would have allowed us to get a first round loss this year, but hey, we still would have made the playoffs. We have more wins then the AL CENTRAL LEADER!

  • At 7:19 AM, Blogger YankeeFiend23 said…

    There were some major injuries and prospect flops to go along with a lack of timely hitting and lackadaisical defense but I lay the blame on Cashman. There is no need to have an all star or 20 million dollar paycheck at every position. We need a better fundamental team, more small ball, more speed. The game needs to be played to the game first, the player second. If I have to hear Sterling or Kay talk about a friggin bloop and a blast again I will gouge my eardrums. OK, example, it is the 8th inning, 2 on no outs and Arod is up. Why the hell not lay down a bunt, move the runners up and maybe end up with bases loaded because NO ONE will be expecting Arod to bunt. I mean he is the "best" player right. Thus he should be able to do anything out there.

    Also, Why the hell is Cano still wearing 24? I am pretty sure Ol' roidin Rog isn't coming back, why not give Cano 22 back?

    Can we please have an OF next year that doesn't consist of Johnny "freebase" Damon and Bobby "I'll get the ball when I get there" Abreu PLEASE?!?! Both have put up some decent numbers but they are not good OF'ers. Damon has no arm and Abreu seems uninspired.

    Give Gardner a legit shot to make the team next year, that kind of speed is exactly what we need.

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