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Yankees Chick Mailbag!
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Each week the Yankees Chick receives scores (and by “scores”, I mean “a few”) of correspondence via email and various forums. These little notes run the gamut from simple nods of agreement to cynical castigation of my baseball knowledge, and I treasure them all like love notes sent from a 7th grade boyfriend. With the lack of trades being made and little desire to lament further over the haggard bullpen and bulging disabled list, I thought today would be a good time to share the epistolary affection with you darlings.


I'm pretty sure that people that think of questions like this one would be better off jumping on the first girl to proposition him than waiting for one with the proper jersey to come along - - it could be a long wait.

"Hey Yankees Chick,

One of my readers at [insert g0sawxxxx blog here] sent me an email question recently that I was hoping you could help me with. (BTW I did a search on google of Yankees Small and your site popped up)...The reader asked 'What would be worse: a male Red Sox fan (having sex with) a female Yankoff fan or a male Yankoff fan (having sex with) a female Red Sox fan? I have to say the latter is much worse. The thought of a Boston girl (servicing) a douchebag Yankoff fan makes me want to puke, meanwhile if I was nailing a (dirty girl) who actually cheers for those (homosexuals) I could at least do her from behind!'"


I'm 99% sure this was sent in by Mark Gruidzelandiouwerkld and Doug Mienkeciqoieurksadlkz3e.

"Dear YC,

The Royals are going to kick your Yankee butts when Jeter and team come to Kaufman stadium. I'll have my brooms ready."


When I look for a man, I look for a good lifeless stare.

"Dear Yankees Chick,

It's interesting to me that if you read the blogs and opinions of the people who don't live in NY they all support him [A-Rod] so much. But then you go to a game and 50,000 New York fans boo him mercilessly. You ever watch him when it REALLY counts. when it really really counts. look at his eyes, they have the same dead stare as when he's up in the 1st inning of a 0-0 game. he lacks the ability to elevate his game, he lacks that killer instinct that every great player needs. he has no heart. Not that i'm taking anything away from what happened the other night but he hit that against a struggling team and a not so great pitcher. those kinds of hits are the norm for ortiz but extraodinary for arod.


The fact that the link he gave me didn’t work pretty much ruined my week. And I actually hate to make fun of this, because it might have been cool...but without a link I have to assume the worst.

"Hello. My name is [Yankees fan]. I am a sports song singer/songwriter and a longtime Yankees fan. I have written and recorded a song about the Yankees called "Yankee Tradition". I set it to a slideshow and it is available at:

[dead link]

I hope you like it!"


At least I have 1 rad thing going for me, that’s all anyone can really aspire to.

"Yankees Chick:

The only thing I like about it and you is that you live in an awesome town. Encinitas is rad. You are lame."


This fine gent was laying down the reasons why I would name my site “Yankees Chick”. He hit the nail on the head with his 3rd guess.

"I am gonna guess 3 reasons:

1- to try to get other women to the site

2- try to impress guys that a girl knows about sports, or at least appears to

3- give him/her/it an excuse to be able to make comments about how cute someone is or comment about what they were wearing"


I hope you enjoyed that little peak into my treasure trove of well-wishes and hate mail. Here's to hoping tomorrow brings pleasant news on the Yankees front!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 25, 2006  
  • At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Adam B. said…

    Just remember, we're 2.5 back in the east and .5 in the Wildcard. Can't complain much about us putting pressure on other teams. (Though I am a bit mad at Torre for using Mo in 2 inconsequential situations in Texas - one of them couldn't have had the excuse of being a save situation either).

    With 5 days left for non-waiver trades we should begin to hear some outlandish rumors. At least we have that to pass the time if the Yankees don't play well

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger MikeyBronx said…

    For the record, I'd have no problem banging a girl who cheers for the Red Sox as long as I can pull her hair and/or choke her in the process.


    Did I say that out loud ?

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