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Too Late, We Already Divorced YOU
Thursday, May 31, 2007
this is not steinbeckWhen I see books like this I think "I bet this author doesn't write anything remotely resembling thought-provoking, creative literature". Hey, I'm psychic!

In the wake of the Yankees' seemingly unstoppable slide down Loser Mountain, I have been on the receiving end of many a heckle, from the silly ("have you given up yet??") to the downright asinine ("you should start cheering for a WINNING team"). It is the latter that infuriates your normally docile (lie) Yankees Chick to the point of boiling rage so intense I very well may strangle the next person that says that to within an inch of their pathetic life.

....Which brings me to the latest catalyst of said fury, the self-indulgent sassy article written by novelist and apparent nutcase Jane Heller that appeared in the New York Times this week. Jane, a self-proclaimed life-long worshiper of the Yanks, declares in her "hilarious" and "clever" little ditty that she has denounced her fandom due to the team's disappointing season. She refers to the denouncement as a "divorce", claiming that the team, coaches, management, trainers - essentially anyone associated with the team, short of Posada's handicapped child and A-Rod's halfway sexy undercover lover - have subjected her to "mental cruelty". All this brutal torture has pushed poor Jane to jump ship on her Yankees love, although she says she would consider a reunion if they started to win again.

I'm not sure what makes me sicker about Jane's article - the fact that she turned her back on a team that she had been a fan of for so many years, or the fact that she ever considered herself a fan in the first place. It is people like little miss sassy over there that give Yankees fans a collective bad name; folks that only jump on the fan bandwagon during winning years have created an unfortunate reputation for Yanks fans as nothing more than a group of fairweather supporters. Because of people like her, we are stuck constantly defending our commitment to team in good times and bad. No one likes to see their team falter, but does a team's failures or bad luck make them less deserving of fans or any less endearing to sentimental afficianados that have followed the team for years? Any fan can root for the Yanks to win. As a true fan, I can recognize their weaknesses, complain about their missteps, groan about their losses, and continue to root for them even in the lean times.

Dear Jane is going to waste a lot of money on jerseys if she has to switch which team she roots for every year.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, May 31, 2007  
  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger ian said…

    I am surprised she's given up on her "team". A true fan as you know, never gives up on their team. Yeah you might get a little down, but you never abandon your team.

    So I guess she was probably never a fan of the team.

    It's good to see your game results using names again. Just kidding keep up the good work.

    Should be an interesting series this weekend.

  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    So....c'mon! A-Rod said "HA!" or "Mine?" Which one? And was it an a-hole move?! weigh in on this one, Maureen!

  • At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Marco said…

    matt... all I see you saying is "Wah." Would you like some cheese with that whine?

  • At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    Care to explain what I'm whining about? I'm asking her opinion...and last I checked, with a nearly 15 game lead, life is OK for me.

  • At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Marco said…

    "Wahh, what an a-hole move by a-rod." Big deal!

    It's way too overblown. baseball players always try and get away with shit, "caught" line drives, breaking up double plays, wiggling your toosh to force a balk, shit on kenny rogers' hand, shit under k-rod's brim, steroids, farney, et cetera. baseball "purists" want to treat the damn game, as if it were golf or tennis. that's why the game pales in popularity compared to football. even in football, defensive backs do almost anything to keep a receiver from catching a ball. heck, i'm sure a lot of maria sharapova's grunts and moans, although hot in itself, is distracting. this is no different. All of baseball is trying to get that leg up. Explain stadium dimensions to me, please.

    Read a page 2 article on espn.com for further support of my argument.

  • At 6:07 AM, Anonymous manny being manny said…

    Matt, tune in tomorrow for Marco to defend A-Rod's cheap shot on Pedroia's nuts.

    Seriously though, I mentioned this article in my blog the other day, and it's women like this--and the "just looks, no brains" sideline reporters--that make it tougher for Maureen and other female sports fans to be taken seriously.

    Worst quote from the article came at the end when she mentions them winning again, and then the writer "considering" taking the Yankees back, i.e., jumping back on the bandwagon.

    Please. Keep up the good work Maureen. I'm looking forward to an exciting series tonight.

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger Mantlemurcer said…

    Stop with the Pedroia nonsense already. The litte bitch should keep his mouth shut.

    As for Jane Heller, she's obviously not a real fan.

  • At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    Listen, you idiots - rather than read "page 2" for support of your argument, why don't you listen to your great manager? he said a-rod was wrong. so get your head out of your you know where and realize what a bushleague move it was:


  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger YankeesChick said…

    simmer down matt!!! just because torre says something doesn't mean its necessarily true or that i (or any yankees fan) agree.

    i can see why some people would think that it was unsportsmanlike, but i really don't see anything wrong with it. if you don't know the sound of your own teammate's voice well enough to discern whether it is them or a baserunner talking, then too bad for you.

  • At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    hahahah i'm simmering i'm simmering...i just don't like the conviction with which some people present their arguments. it's an opinion - they don't have to agree with me and i don't have to agree with them. but to present it as if they're right, no matter what - that's what gets me boiling.

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