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You've Toyed With My Heart, Mike Wallace
Sunday, January 06, 2008
I was quite keyed up with excitement all afternoon in anticipation of the 60 Minutes feature with Roger Clemens (because, as you should certainly have realized by now, the Yankees Chick has no life whatsoever and henceforth such things are the highlight of not only the day but perhaps the week!), but after watching it I simply must say that I am quite disappointed. I don't really know what I was expecting - surprise evidence against McNamee? Shocking blood test records from the past 20 years showing a complete lack of unnatural substances (save for that B12 and lidocaine!) in his system? - so perhaps I shouldn't be disappointed, but who among us wasn't holding out a little hope for something a tad more dramatic?

For those of you who didn't tune in, you did not miss much. Mike Wallace asked relatively "soft" questions and Clemens provided adamant denials. The entire transcript can be read here, but here are a few highlights (with some YC commentary.... of course):
CLEMENS: I'm angry that what I've done for the game of baseball and the personal, in my private life, what I've done that I I don't get the benefit of the doubt. The stuff that's being said, it's ridiculous. It's hogwash for people to even assume this. 24, 25 years Mike. You'd think I'd get an inch of respect. An inch. How, how can you prove your innocence?
a) Hogwash = new favorite word
b) I agree that it seems tough, if not impossible, to prove your innocence. In "real life court", if no one can come up with any actual evidence, the man would be considered not guilty, but even if there never proves to be any evidence I sadly see no way for Clemens to ever completely remove the cloud of suspicion.
CLEMENS If I have these needles and these steroids and all these drugs, what, where did I get ‘em? Where is the person out there gave ‘em to me? Please, please come forward.
a) Yes, please do come forward.

CLEMENS: My body never changed. If he's putting that stuff up in my body, if what he's saying which is totally false, if he's doing that to me, I should have a third ear coming out of my forehead. I should be pulling tractors with my teeth.
a) Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, somebody, anybody, find me a picture of someone that grew a third ear after taking steroids. I was truly unaware of that traumatic side effect.
b) If is point is that if he had done steroids we would have noticed a change in his body a la Balco Barry, I see his point, but do ALL steroids/"banned substances" have a head-increasing and/or third-ear-growing effect on everyone?
c) How do we know he CAN'T pull tractors with his teeth? I say harness him up and make him prove he can't do it.

CLEMENS: He [McNamee] emails me [right before the report came out] and asks me where all the good fishing equipment is down at Cabo that I bought so he can go fishing. Thank you very much. I said, Have a good time, go fishing. Doesn't say a word that you, that you know I'm fixing to bury you with all these accusations and what do we do about it. Didn't say a word about it. That's what pisses me off.
a) That IS quite a jackass move.

WALLACE: What, hold, what did McNamee gain by lying?

CLEMENS : Evidently not going to jail.

WALLACE: Jail time for what?

CLEMENS : Well, I think he's been buying and movin' steroids.

a) Actually not a terrible theory. Semi-desperate on Clemens' part? Sure... but better than a simple "I dunno... he's just a liar".
b) This also begs the question: Are these trainers going to get in any sort of trouble for being a party to this illegal activity?

WALLACE : Swear?

CLEMENS : Swear.

a) Case Closed!!


posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, January 06, 2008  
  • At 9:04 PM, Anonymous ozzie smith said…

    You are on to something with this "Third ear sprouting from the forehead" thing. As far as we've all heard, steroids don't cause new parts to show up but your old parts seem to wither away. I think he should get a line up of all the old ladies from his life, drop his pants, and let them decide if he used steroids or not. He wants to clear his name, right? Let him stand before that jury...

  • At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can't think of anything Clemens could actually do to prove his innocence, but in order to prove his GUILT, someone other than McNamee is going to have to come forward with some actual evidence, because McNamee apparently has none.

  • At 2:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think it was OJ!!! He was providing the "Juice". And if not OJ then is was Jack Lalanne...I once saw him pull a bus with his teeth and he is the inventor of the "Power Juicer"...My darling Clemintine, tis the season for you to put on some "Juicy Couture" sweat pants and sit on your couch and watch "Juice" take a lesson from Tupac and Omar Epps,you need to "know the ledge"

  • At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Sue-Happy said…

    He's suing trainer-boy now....

  • At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I for one believe in Clemens, which would throw the Mitchell report out the window. Unless Rog collects a large pile of green from McNamee (aka mcNamer) with said Namer groveling for forgiveness from Rocket andperhaps other questionables, the real ultimate proof would be Ozzie Smith's test. Is the Unit still of size? (or is that another guy?)

  • At 11:56 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    Hey there YC! Great blog. Just found it, thanks to Pete Abraham.

    Didn't get a chance to see the interview but have caught the excerpts online.

    I, for one, think he's innocent. I was never a big Clemens fan when he first joined up, but I don't think anyone can deny that he's been pretty consistent throughout his career. I've since become a Clemens fan and was excited when he came back for another go-round in 2007. Hopefully he gets to clear his name from all this, but there will still be people that think he did it, no matter what happens. It's truly unfortunate that "the public" rushes to judgment without any concrete evidence.

    Some people point to the fact that he's played at a high level for so long, he must be on something. Well, Nolan Ryan pitched for 20 years, struck out guys to the very end and didn't deal with "pitch counts" or "situational matchups". It doesn't happen often, but why can't Roger be the Ryan of this generation? Would that be so hard to believe?

  • At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Roger Clemens said…

    Case closed, indeed!

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