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Direct Me to DirecTV (and to better puns, please)
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Being that I live many, many miles from the Bronx (2830.02 according to Mapquest), it should come as no surprise that the ongoing DirecTV soap opera has peaked my interest, as the Yankees Chick requires the Extra Innings package to enjoy all the glorious Yankees action. I have been holding off on signing up with DirecTV for as long as possible in hopes that one of the cable carriers (INDEMAND and EchoStar are the 2 that have been offering the package) will match DirecTV's $700 million offer, but the season opens in 5 days and it's looking like I'm going to have to wrangle one of those heinous dishes onto my roof ASAP.

Since I know that DirecTV is available in my area (approximately 85% of the homes in my neighborhood are equipped with the aforementioned dishes; I am pretty sure the local cable company's thrilling 300 stations of bad music that you must scroll through to get to the HD channels must have irritated them all enough to take a jackhammer to their cable boxes), and the cost is comparable to what I pay for my current cable, the move to satellite would not actually pose any significant inconveniences for me. Making the jump to DirecTV would no doubt be an issue for many baseball afficianados; in particular people for whom the DirecTV subscription will cost more than their current cable costs and many folks who are not "eligible" to use DirecTV (AKA anyone whose landlord will not let them install a dish, or who does not have a landline telephone to connect to, or whose residence that doesn't have a "clear view of the souther sky"....not to mention all the baseball fans living in caves, submarines, and panic rooms!!). Assuming the contract gets finalized and Extra Innings does indeed become exclusive to DirecTV, there are going to be many people who are either shelling out extra money to make the switch or forced to watch or listen to all the games on their computer screen - - - which, of course, equates to a boatload of complaint letters for MLB.

The contract has stirred up a delicious pot of controversy, not just with consumers but with some members of congress. Former-Future-President John Kerry* led a hearing today to make the point that MLB is not serving their fans - - as he pointed out, tax-payers have spent over $3.7 billion to build new ballparks in the past 10 years (thank you, San Diegans... anyone that has gone to a baseball game at Qualcomm and attest to the value of Petco Park) and MLB should be responsive to the uproar it has caused among the fans. MLB's president Bob Dupuy, who attended the meeting, said that MLB would be more than happy to offer the rights to a cable provider had they offered the same contract terms, but that no one had done so. While I don't think the deal and its accompanying complications is necessarily "fair" or "right", I highly doubt pressure from congress could convince MLB to accept a lower bid to keep the fans happy.

As for me, I suppose I'll be giving DirecTV a call in the morning to order my beautiful dish. Perhaps they can paint it to look like a baseball?

*As a side-note, while I appreciate the fact that Kerry is doing his best to respond to the complaints of his constituents, I have to admit that I find it more than just a tad amusing/perturbing that this hearing took only a matter of days to occur while GWB and Cheney's pet project/AKA war has been going on for 4 years now with no justification and no clear sign of an end in sight...ahem.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, March 27, 2007  
  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger Rat In A Cage said…

    Congratulations on the show. I used to have DirecTV & then moved & couldn't get it & now can get it, but since I travel a lot I ended up signing up for MLB.com instead. I can get all the games, but lots of time when they say, "stay tuned after the game for ..." it kills me to lose the feed within moments of the last pitch.

    Good luck with that. I think you're onto something with painting it like a baseball. I bet you could make a fortune on that. I would have done it for sure & I bet lots of others would too!

    I don't mind that Sheffield's gone. I wish we could get Melky in there daily, but is it just me or o you think Sheffield is going to have a monster year as a big F-U to the Yankees? I think he will for sure. I think he has that Ricky Henderson quality (from before your time, I suppose) that he seems like he can turn it up a notch on pure will power. Unfortunately, those guys don't always keep it on high throttle.

  • At 9:18 PM, Anonymous Adam B. said…

    I'm sure Kerry will claim that they could choose to revoke the antitrust agreement, but, I'm almost positive Congress wouldn't do it.

    Don't even get me started on Congress and issues like the War, Stem Cell research, electronic voting machines and more

  • At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Adam B. said…

    P.S. Just listened to the radio spot and you came off very intelligently on the interview.

    Items that obviously you didn't have time to mention: Would there have actually been a reasonable trade for A-Rod this past offseason that would've allowed the Yankees to either improve the rotation or fill the 3B hole left by A-Rod departing? Reyes and Wright over A-Rod and Jeter simply because with the stats as they are, youth favors Reyes and Wright for the next few years to produce more.

  • At 11:29 AM, Anonymous MetsRtehSux0r said…

    You can always remember as well that one of your fellow Yanks fans manages a sports bar which carries all the games...

    There are even many, many TVs, so any weirdo Mets fans you might know can come with you to watch their game...

    Not that any self-respecting Yanks fan would know a Mets fan...right?

  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger wacluv said…

    If you live in NY and can't get or don't want DirecTV, MLB.com won't help. You can only watch out of market games on MLB.com so people in NY aren't able to watch the games there either.
    I figured it would have been the best option considering I could have also been able to watch the games while at work.

  • At 6:33 AM, Blogger Rat In A Cage said…

    I found a great old Yankees magazine from Sep 2005 & posted the cover.

    Is it time to beat on the Devil Rays yet? I bet you've been out getting a Pavano shirt, haven't you? For all your talk, you're really a super secret admirer! Well, I hope your boy surprises us all this year with 15 wins.

    I found an Irish bar in Toluca Lake that plays all the Yankees / Red Socks games. The bartender is from Bahsten and he and I had a fun time ribbing each other last year. I roget the name, but it's right on Riverside near the 134. There is a huge Irish flag painted on the side of the building.

  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger Rat In A Cage said…

    roget? Sounds like I already had a few.

  • At 3:05 PM, Anonymous nyyfaninlaaland said…

    Even closer than Toluca Lake and the same set up at O'Connell's in Fountain Valley (yeah, the OC). The owner Ed (last name not O'Connell - long story) is a RedSox fan, but still a decent human being, albeit flawed. Stop in and ask about his Johnny Damon bat from the BoSox days - and hope he doesn't hit you with it. And try the Filet Mignon and King Crab legs combo for $21.95 (or thereabouts). Sorry about the commercial break from our sponsor. No I'm not a partner, but he does sponsor my softball team. Yankee Mike, one of the regs, and I will be on you Yanks fans side. Sat at the bar next to Ed during 2 of the Yanks wins in last year's pivotal 4 game set (or was it 5? I was in a bar after all). Great baseball - Ed was slightly less pleased. And root for A-Rod to take 2 of 3 Triple Crown stat catagories from Papi this season - I got a hundy ridin' on it. Tell Ed the Spoilers sent you.

    And Y.C., should you be in the neighborhood, avoid the 3 chilled bottles of Jaeger or the Lazy Bulls you'll be offered. Tony will buy you one on me if you appear.

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