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More Like All-SUCK Game!! (Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 6 year old)
Friday, July 06, 2007
There are many aspects of this crazy little game that drive the Yankees Chick batty (not that I am one to complain, no sir!), from people's insistence on using the useless win stat to the lack of effective drug policies, and the All-Star game also has a home on my i-dont-like-you-one-bit list. Every July our near-daily dose of important baseball is rudely interrupted by a near-meaningless (save for the lamentable fact that home field advantage for the World Series is dependent on the outcome of the game; fear not, we will be returning to this matter in a moment) game surrounded by 2 off-days, and the problems with this affair are many. I realize that some folks enjoy the 3-day reprieve from the usual grind and get a kick out of watching players from different teams join together for a game, but I find the whole operation to be frustrating and even quite worrisome. Let’s examine:
  • The threat of injuries alone is enough to make me wary. Yes, each player generally only stays in the game for a couple innings, but all it takes is one sharp drive back to the pitcher (see Rasner, Karstens) or an accidental collision (see Mientkicantspellhisname) to put a player right out of commission. Since the game features the top players of the game, the damage an injury would do to a team is greatly intensified. Imagine if Jeter or A-Rod were to get smacked in the face by a wayward pitch
  • Home field advantage during the World Series is much too crucial a matter to be determined by a game that is not taken seriously by most players – many of the participants already know that the post-season is not in their future and thus have no real incentive to ensure their league wins the game, and the threat of injuries keeps most if not all players from going all out. The AL has a clear advantage, winning 15 of the last 20 All-Star games (2002 ended in a tie; no it was not a hockey game), and that surely isn’t fair for the NL World Series team.
  • Taking 3 days off could be detrimental to a team that needs to be rallying for a post-season race, such as the Yankees this year. The only way they are going to have a shot at October is if they buckle down, focus, and start consistently winning 5+ in a row. The last thing this team needs is to get out of the groove - they’re still not even in their groove.
  • The idea of an All-Star game is to showcase the league’s best players, but the rosters do not reflect that. Fan voting turned the selection process into a popularity contest, putting the most exciting or well-known players ahead of lesser-known or small-market folks. Also, since the rosters much feature at least one representative from each MLB team, some talented players do not make the cut simply because there is no room.
That said, congratulations to Jeet, A-Rod, and Jorgie, who will be representing the Yanks in the game this year. A-Rod may decide to sit out and take the 3-day break to rest his strained hammy (a much wiser use of the break than playing in the game, if you ask me), but I’m sure it was a nice feeling for him to come out on top of the voting. I’ll be watching, of course, but throughout the entire game I will be thinking “I sure do wish I was watching an actual game right now and not a bunch of dudes that don't know or like each other half-assing their way through 9 innings of baseball.”

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 06, 2007  
  • At 10:26 PM, Blogger Señor November said…

    I can totally see your point about injuries etc. but in the end, shouldn't we step back and not take things so seriously? The All-Star game is what's fun about baseball. You're probably anti-WBC too. Sure, the possibility for injuries increases but through the WBC baseball has the ability to spread a little worldwide. Ask any kid and he'll tell you the home-run derby is amazing and there's something sick about seeing your favorite players in the same line-up. I don't think it's fair to label them all as half-assing it. Also keep in mind, even though the AL has been on a nasty winning streak, the NL is still leads in All-Star wins.
    Maybe I'd have a different perspective if the Yanks were only a few games in front or behind the Sox but let's be honest here, we're really not in contention for the title anymore, the best we have in the wild card and even that's going to be a journey. The time off gives the players a rest, especially some that need it most (A-Rod).
    The mid-summer classic is the best all-star game in sports today. Let's lighten up a little huh?

  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger YankeesChick said…

    I do see the fun side of it senor, and you make a lot of good points. For kids and casual fans, the all-star game and home run derby are big draws. As a worry-wart and hyper-dedicated fan (obsessed? yes...), I can't help but eagerly await the return to what COULD still be a good season (i'm crossing my fingers still).

  • At 7:36 AM, Blogger MikeyBronx said…

    The bottom line is the All-Star game is nothing more than a burden. No manager wants his big-time slugger competing in the Home Run Derby and fucking up his swing and few managers want any player with the slightest injury stepping foot on the field. I wouldn't even want my pitchers out there. There's too much invested in a 162-game season to have it ruined by a fucking circus act like the All-Star game. Bud Selig's attempt to make the game meaningful only makes it worse. The players and managers haven't changed their attitude despite what's at stake and the idea of letting fans continue to vote for the starters regardless of the newfound importance of the game is equally idiotic. You can't have both. Either keep the game as a meaningless exhibition or strip the fans of their voting privelages.

  • At 8:23 AM, Blogger MGL said…

    It would be great to just take it as fun, but since players don't really care about it like they used to -- because they make too much money to care, and the interleague rivalry that once existed is dead -- it's just unbelievably boring. Can you think of a particularly memorable moment from the All-Star games this decade, other than Bud Selig throwing up his hands and declaring a tie?

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