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Who In The WHAT Now?!
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Ladies and gentlemen, A-Rod has returned to the building. Or Team.

After testing the free agent waters for a solid 17 days, it looks like A-Rod is going to be back in NY next year. And the year after that... and the year after that... and the year after that...

Though it is currently yet to be confirmed, word on the street is that A-Rod and the Yanks are working on a 10-year, $275 mil deal. This comes as a bit of a surprise after the kibosh the Steins and Cash Man put on post-opt-out negotiations and Boras's delusional determination to score a deal worth closer to $350 mil, but happen it did.

When I first heard the rumblings yesterday of A-Rod crawling back to the Yanks in hopes of opening up some negotiation chat, I assumed it was part of some sketchy evil-doings by Boras, a move with obvious ulterior motives - some sort of attempt at raising his value on the market or weird "let's throw people off" move. I honestly did not think it was a genuine sign of a desire to rejoin the team, and I certainly did not think that the Yanks would have any real interest beyond perhaps some curiosity as to how much he and the Boras-Man were asking for now that they'd had a couple weeks to shop the kid around. The team actually said that they would be willing to talk to A-Rod, but would not be willing to deal with Boras (wise move, my friends). The fact that a deal not only came to light but was sussed out so quickly is incredible and leads me to think that there must have been either serious groveling, ass-kissing, or interesting contract terms discussed. It does sound like A-Rod will be "crediting" the Yanks (via his salary) for the $30 mil that they lost from the Rangers when he opted out, and I would guess that that gesture of good faith on A-Rod's part likely made for a good start to the negotiations.

I have been supporting A-Rod for years, defending his post-season performances and assuming/hoping that any signs of greed were either misconstrued or could be blamed on Boras because I believe he is an absolutely amazing player and takes a lot more shit than he really deserves. For the first time though, I really 100% believe in my support of him. Shaking Boras off to make his own decision shows a lot of character from a man that has seemed to be at the whim of money and his agent for his entire career. I'm thrilled about this.


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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, November 14, 2007  
  • At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Khoa said…

    Honestly, I'd rather spend the money on pitching and return to the Scotty Brosius days. This is certainly better than Lowell or Miggy Cabrera, so now that we have the same team we had last year (Mo and Andy still to come...hopefully), its time to focus on our pen.

  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger ajgdrums7814 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well I guess since he came back with his tail between his legs is good but Yankees Chick if The Angels offered him 10 years $300 million he wouldn't be a Yankee he came crawling back because he wasn't getting anything from the Mets and Angels or Dodgers.

  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger ajgdrums7814 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 8:43 PM, Blogger Doug said…

    Well I've chimed in on this before that A-Rod should be embarassed to be represented by an evil lying bastard like Boras. So either Alex reads your blog, read my comment and saw the light or possibly he figured it out for himself. Either way here's hopin' - I want him back.

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Very mixed feelings, but encouraged that A-Rod seems to have done this without Boras

  • At 9:42 PM, Blogger Eric said…

    I'm really torn about this. Obviously he's a great player, and had a tremendous season and there's no one on the market to replace him with. Plus it sounds like they're going to get him for cheaper than we all thought he was going to cost. However...there is this nagging thing about his character, and his continued postseason follies. I really think there was a sense of relief 17 days ago with some of the Yankee players (Jeter especially) that he probably was gone. Now that he may be back, how is this going to play in the clubhouse? How are they going to welcome him back?
    I'd really like to see them go back to the knd of teams that Girardi was on in the late 90's, the ones that were TEAMS, and not dependent on one or two superstars. That's how the Red Sux (God hate them) won it this year. And he has GOT to start hiting in the playoffs. He can have all the MVP seasons he wants, but he's got to prove that he can hit in the clutch when it counts. He's like 0-27 in his last 27 postseason at-bats with a runner in scoring position. That is not good, and he was up to his old tricks against the Indians, lunging at bad pitches, and not being patient.
    But it all comes down to pitching, and I like the way that is shaping up with Wang-Hughes-Chamberlain-Kennedy with Mussina to provide some veteran guidance, and Pettitte (please, PLEASE! don't retire) yet to be signed, with Mo hopefully closing out games for three more years. It would be nice to get some solid middle relief, but 29 other teams are also saying the same thing.
    Whatever happens, it will be intersesting next year, no doubt about that...

  • At 10:05 PM, Blogger ajgdrums7814 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 10:08 PM, Anonymous mets guy said…

    Please please PLEASE stop with the Scott Brosius crap. It's the most embarrassing thing Yankees fans do.

    Brosius Career stats: 257/323/422

    Brosius Postseason stats: 245/278/418

    Sorry, but those are awful, awful numbers.

    A-Rod Career: 306/389/578
    A-Rod Postseason: 279/361/483

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I still think it is too much money for a guy that hasn't delivered in the playoffs, but my guess is the Marlins asking price was too high for Miggy, so they decide to go back to Alex @ 3rd since it only costs money.

  • At 12:24 AM, Anonymous heesub said…

    First of all, I am new to this site and I love it. More power to you YC.

    Anyway, about A-Rod- he is a classic player and will dominate for years to come; yes, even in the post-season. He has come to grips with being a Yankee and it isn't going to be long until he starts hitting in the post season too. BTW I am glad that he wants to be a Yankee, but I wonder if it is because he feels that he will not get the same offers in this market.

    I just hope that he gets along with Girardi. I wonder how he will handle a hard-ass after having the mellow Torre as a manager.

    Enough of A-Rod though. If he is a done deal,it's time for Johann ( we need someone to match-up with Beckett).

    Enough with the power games... let's focus on getting some pitching, but DO NOT EVER give up Joba. EVER.

  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Kristin L. said…

    Yankees Chick - I'm not sure I believe that it shows character to do this without Boras, but it at least shows a smidge of a mind of his own. My problems with A-Rod have been connected to the fact that he acts and makes decisions based on what he thinks everyone wants him to do or based on what people will think of him.

    If you look at it in that light, he couldn't stand taking the beating he was getting from fans and in the press. It's the same old weak character showing up again.

    If he could be a little more independent in thought and deed, I'd be okay with him in New York. But he's got to shed this incredibly thin skin.

    The only good thing is that if the Yanks plug the hole at third with him, maybe we won't hear anymore rumors about trading Hughes and Chamberlain, the idea of which gives me a heart attack on a daily basis.

  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger jeckles said…

    First and foremost, I am not a Yankees fan. I came through to this site from another fansite, so I want to make that point clear up front. I was curious to see the Yankee fan take on the Arod situation. I am shocked that you are this excited to get this albatross back on your squad. Over the past 3 weeks, he has embarrassed your club, snubbed arguably the best HR hitter in the history of baseball, upstaged the World Series, and make a mockery of the new Steinbrenner regime by not even agreeing to sit down with them. And after all that...the colossal choke in 2004. The abysmal playoff streak.. you are jumping over yourselves to have him back on the team. Its no wonder that people have a low opinion of you Yankee fans everywhere outside of NYC. I hope you guys get your wish and have another ten year WS draught while the SAWX pile them up. What a sad day for baseball.

  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger ajgdrums7814 said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger jeckles said…

    Well, not a Sox fan at all. Just a baseball fan and your team was just made to look like the jilted prom queen running back to their abusive boyfriend. I'm a fan of NL baseball and could give a crap about how the AL plays out. The Yankees fan base is the most despised in all of sports. Your joyous reaction to this news is just additional proof as to why. I hope Arod bats .413, hits 78HRs, and drives in 187 runs next season. It will be that much sweeter when the team that just payed $275M for Arod, 55M for Posada and 45M for Rivera.. about 400,000,000 and still won't have a trophy to show for it. Your team's strategy hasn't worked.. EVER. Keep up the good work idiot.

  • At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    All I've got to say is...


  • At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    Oh oh, need to add...Yanks going after Lowell as a 1st baseman! ha...

  • At 2:29 PM, Blogger jeckles said…

    Grab Lowell, grab Santana, spend spend spend baby! I think it's great. And before you come after me with all of your championships, what I meant to say was your current strategy (circa 2001) where you just buy bloated salaries and pray for post season wins. Your old strategy of buying the best high school talent and developing guys like jeter, posada, rivera, bernie was genius. Too bad the raving Steins would rather piss away the profits chasing ghosts. Then again, maybe you'll have different thoughts when you are paying $78 for 1 upper tier seat and enjoying a $10.50 beer.. chumps.

  • At 4:59 PM, Anonymous BB said…

    It's all smoke and mirrors - and you guys are falling for it.
    - Boras gets a-rod to opt out
    - Rangers get back $81 Mil
    - a-rod gets his 10 year $275 mil
    - Boras sells two more mercenieries to the rangers.
    - mfy keeps up it's tradition of over paying superstars.
    - mfy ends up with lowell
    Fast forward to 2009 -
    - NY Dayily Post reports huge slap fight between posada and lowell on who is the best old guy first baseman....

    mfy still sucks.

  • At 5:02 PM, Anonymous BB said…

    pardon the spelling errors - blame Sam Adams...

  • At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ok, not $81 mil - only $21.5....

  • At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Question is.. which milestone will A-Rod have a better chance of surpassing? The single season homerun record of 73.. or the historic mark of reaching 800 career homeruns?

    Chasing74 or Chasing800


  • At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let me get this straight. He leaves the yankees to get more money, there's no more money there, so he comes back to the yankees for the most money he can get, and you're giving him credit for that.

    Just say the words... "I am an A-Rod apologist."

    It'll make you feel better.

  • At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes! I want to believe this is all good, so I will. A good sign would be if Borass would get into the bridge, or swamp selling business and never be seen near a baseball diamond again. Maybe he can work on soccer. All the best to A-Rod, may he now take his place among the legends, and be a part of a team effort in the Bronx that yield him and his mates many rings. With a few more holes to fill (we'll leave that to you, MO) this is the kind of team that now can recycle itself in a sane way. Looking forward to spring training..

  • At 4:30 PM, Anonymous Kristin L. said…

    God, I love when people who don't know anything about our team decide to tell us what our strategy should be for winning.

    Overpaying superstars? Yup, we're the only team that does that, right? That's why the Sox gave Schilling's old, fat ass $8 million.

    Signing Posada and Rivera is all about having veterans there to work with the young talent.

    Yes - in case you didn't know, the Yankees have that in their farm system because Cashman has been making a conscious effort to get away from the old ways.

  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yup, we're the only team that does that, right? That's why the Sox gave Schilling's old, fat ass $8 million.

    Are you serious? Please tell me you're joking. 8 million is a steal. How about 18 millions for fat roger clemens? How about 6 wins? How about giving you 3 innings in the playoffs? Check out schillings record n this years playoffs. Talking about the sox signing schilling is joke. You must be high.

    And I love the whole "we're signing them for the young guys". Ok, then that's why we signed schilling.

    (not really, but since you believe that load of crap)

  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger Berzerkomandor said…

    well there is no iller thriller-- than the Yankees becoming perrenial losers!

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