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Oh Yeah, There Was a Season
Monday, November 12, 2007
I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I keep forgetting that the Yankees only very recently wrapped up a season of actually playing baseball. My Yankees Chick brain is very focused on the future of the team, anticipating what The Girardino will do or wont do, resigning Po and Mo, and frantically scouring the Interwebs every hour for new rumors or ideas on who will be playing 3rd base in 2008. However, there was indeed a season of baseball played in 2007 and if you haven't blocked out the entire season from your memory to stave off painful flashbacks of things like Pavano pitching and the team buckling under the superior Cleveland pitching in the ALDS, you might recall that a few of the Yanks played very well all year. Those folks are being rewarded now as the yearly deluge of awards comes raining down upon the baseball world - not just good old-fashioned awards like MVP or Rookie of the Year but the fun corporate-sponsored accolades (I still maintain that being named "DHL Delivery Man" should be considered less of an accomplishment and more of an insult; if I were a Mariano/Trevor/Paplebon/Etc-caliber pitcher I certainly would not want my glorious pitching to be associated with that shoddy slow delivery service), too. The "big" awards - Cy Young, Manager of the Year, and MVP - won't be announced until later this week, but there have already been some trophies (or whatever the hell you get for winning these... pride? Stack of cash? Free DHL service for a year?) given out. Here's what the Yanks have won so far...

Silver Sluggers: Jeet, A-Rod, and Posada were all honored for their work at the plate, and rightfully so. It is A-Rod's 9th Silver Slugger, Jorgie Porgie's 5th (and sidenote: did you realize that he is the first Yankeee catcher to finish in the top 10 in batting average in the league since Thurman Munson? Shit, I should have saved that for a Fun Fact O' The Day...), and Jeet's 2nd (another sidenote: I am somewhat suprised that this was only the second time Jeter has won a Silver Slugger, since he has had so many consistently solid batting average and OBP seasons, but when we consider that he was losing them to A-Rod all those years that he was playing shortstop I suppose 2nd place ain't so bad).

Hank Aaron Award: As expected, A-Rod won. Not as expected, though, was his snub of the event honoring him and Prince Fielder. Nice touch, Mr. Classy McClasserson. The man I spent 3 years defending continues to break my heart with selfish choices and disrespectful actions. Sickened.

AL MVP: Technically this won't be announced till a week from today, but with my excellent powers of intuition and honed psychic abilities I think I can accurately predict the name of the winner - and maybe for this one Mr. Classy McClasserson will show some gratitude.

Gold Glove Award: Jason Giambi was honored for his excellent defensive work at first base... his lunging is top-notch and he certainly never looks out of place or awkward there. Nosiree. Oh wait, he didn't win? You've gotta be kidding me.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, November 12, 2007  
  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Not as expected, though, was his snub of the event honoring him and Prince Fielder."

    Considering it's the second time he's snubbed the event, it should have been expected.

  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Berzerkomandor said…

    Allow me to refresh your paltry memory: we beat the tar out of the Yankees and sent them on a spiral of woe which I will thank you to chronicle... Would have posted sooner had I discovered you.

    CLEVELAND 2007

    The Cleveland Indians roll in ALDS and the state of annihilation is so total it is to marvel.

    A team whose 3b and SS cost more than the entire Indians roster (?!) set a benchmark for failure.

    You just got took out by the Tribe, NY...and stay out!

    The Indians beat the Yankees in every phase at every turn. But the hubris of the New York defeat in their attitude of cocky superiority shows that the Yankees can't compete. They maintained the smugness even after they were handed their hearts in Game One, and lost Game 2 in extra innings scoring 1 run. The national (NY) media put out an unbelievable haze to portray the Indians as a trifle compared to the NY juggernaut. The Yankees elbowed their way into the series, while Cleveland won its division, the Central-- the toughest division and the source of the last AL Champions, and the World Series winning White Sox (who finished in last place-- but who cares). The Indians checkmated Detroit by winning the first seven of its meetings and sweeping the last series. They also beat Cy Young winner Santana every time they faced the Twins (4 or was it 5 times).

    The Indians have been on the rise for the last three years, after a late season run that set records for season series sweeps and win totals for the last months of the year. The big boys in the East were just able to close the door on them then. They retooled last year, bringing in great new talent, keeping pace as Hafner was injured with Garko's advent, keeping faith in Blake, even as they brought in top prospect Andy Marte and formulating a pitching staff that can dominate any lineup.

    The Yankee's answer was showing Gary Sheffield the door, and getting Roger Clemens back... sorry about the pulled ego R man.

    They are able to plow through their schedule and get to the post-season, of course though they didn't win the East this year.

    But the reason A- Hole and their much vaunted hitters return to mortality in the post-season... just like their meltdown against Detroit-- is that they aren't facing the top shelf pitching then, and that is what the Indians have.

    But blame the Boss for this one, skankies: Steinbrenner's ultimatum made it impossible for Torre not to second guess himself. Win or you're fired... Its laughable to think of Shapiro telling Wedge something that bombastic.

    So here is Clemens getting rocked (predictably-- where was that story?) and the Yankees taxing their flawed bullpen to get one win. That was not that impressive though since old Trot in right gave back at least two runs on his pass ball (though he Homered and doubled in runs too). The first momentum NY got was that chicken shat run set up by the swinging bunt.

    Chamberlain gets outs (I'll always remeber his game face as spewing gnats as he chucked wild pitches) but tired pithcers can't be effective.

    So Torre pulls Mussina and goes back to his "Ace" on three days rest.

    HR/ lead off-- Sizemore... 4 runs later Mussina, NY's version of Paul Byrd relieves effectively but the Yankees can't keep pace. Chamberlain is unavailable and (despite catcher's interference from Posada on Hafner) the Indians rally against the back end of their pen.

    Eric Wedge? We have a 2-1 lead. Paul Byrd starts as usual, Kelley Shoppach catches him as per usual. Borowski saves (despite Betancourt being lights out in 8th). That's our team, and New York couldn't stop us.

    That's loyalty. That's thinking straight under pressure, that's an under-rated but brilliant pitcher, Paul Byrd with a 4 run lead doing what he does, pitching to win. And that's no fluke.

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