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Time to Pull Yourselves Up by Those Cleat-straps!
Thursday, June 26, 2008
I mentioned yesterday that now that the season is half over, it's time to re-evaluate the poorly performing players who we'd dubbed as slumpers and consider the fact that perhaps they are simply sucking this season. Since my Top Ten focused only on the losers of the loser-est teams in the league I was not forced to think about the worst players on my dear Yankees, but I think the time has come to discuss whether our own underachievers are mired in a slump or doing some serious sucking.

The two boys who come to mind, of course, are Robby Cano and the Melk Man. The BFFs haven't heated up for more than a couple games at a time all season, and it's getting most frustrating to endure. Cano is hitting a meager .241 and only getting on base 28% of the time, and he's only got a .350 slugging percentage; this is quite the drop when we consider his career his .297, .342., and .307 averages in the previous three seasons. As for Melky, he's hitting slightly better - .254 average and .317 OBP - but he's not doing it when it counts: he's only hitting .239 with runners in scoring position. Between the two of them they've only knocked in 60 runs.

So is it time to file these two under the suck category and accept that we're not going to see much from them in 2008? And if so, does that make them potential trade bait? If they don't start picking it up, I think it's entirely possible that either one of them could be traded - along with some prospects, of course - for a pitcher come July. I'd be very sad to see the dynamic duo seperated (who will drive Melky to the games every day?), but if it means getting a pitcher like C.C. (yes, despite your comments and emails, I'm still rooting for that fatass to slap on some slimming pinstripes), I'd bid one of them adieu with no regrets.

posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, June 26, 2008  
  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    I wouldn't trade these guys just yet. They've shown they can definitely get the job done, its not like they just had 1 good season. They have been consistent over the past few years. Personally, I blame Kevin Long. I've never been a fan of his and I've heard his style is somewhat different then what they're used to.

    Seriously, you gotta get off the CC kick. These are the exact type of quick-fix trades that never worked out in the past. Think of Sheffield or even Giambi..sure they contributed, but did they lead the team to the World Series? No. CC would just be another expensive bust. What the Yankees SHOULD do is bring back Mattingly. Either as hitting coach or bench coach. There were a bunch of young guys last year (Including Cano and Melky) who attributed their rise in hitting to Donny.

    With a crappy hitting coach, you're going to have crappy hitters.

  • At 6:50 PM, Anonymous buyingachampionship.com said…

    I hate to use the words "suck" and
    "Jeter" in the same sentence, but let's face the facts. It's nearly July and Jeter is batting .286.

    The guy has already had an absolutely amazing career, and given his longevity in the game, he's due to have one or two "average" years. But this is Jeter we are talking about. Jeter is not supposed to be "average." He's supposed to be Derek Jeter.

    Do I have confidence Jeter will end up batting around .315 for the year? Absolutely. But right now, it's hard to say that he isn't sucking. The clutch hits just aren't there this year. Something is off with him. Does Jeter suck? No. Is he sucky right now? Yeah, kinda.

    I hate to mention this on his 34th birthday, but what can I say?

  • At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    there is a good post on the yankees rotation on

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger YankeeFiend23 said…

    Why does everyone dog Jeter? Lets not forget, the guy is a 13 year vet now.

    I want to know what you folks think about his chances for 4000+ hits.

    In his 13 years he has averaged roughly 188 hits per season, reaching the 200 hit plateau 6 times. His high being 219 in 1999. If he would keep up that average he would move in on Ol' Charlie Hustle in about 9 years, at the ripe old age of 43.

    Now I can't see him maintaining that average the whole time, but along with a move to DH or 2b (even Cal Ripken was moved when the legs weren't light and limber enough!) I could see him coming close. If he has another tri-fecta (three consecutive 200+ hit seasons, done it twice) or two that'll make it interesting.

    I say he would have to stick til about 45 years old to pass Petey and thats accounting for some not-so-Jeterian years and a steady age induced decline. But, I do think it could happen and will have fun watching.

    In the more foreseeable future, he only needs 77 hits to pass The Babe for 2nd all time on the Yankees! . Barring some freakish offensive explosion, he should have the 367 ABs that he needs to become the all-time leading Yankee in that category as well.

    Other all-time Yankee stats getting ready to fall to Jeter:

    Hits: Jeter = 2442, Gehrig = 2721, Jeters' average\per = 188. ETA < 2 seasons

    Doubles: Jeter = 401, Gehrig = 534 at Jeters' average\per = 30, ETA 5-6 seasons away

    Runs Scored: Jeter = 1426, Ruth = 1959, Jeters' average\per = 110, ETA = 4-5 seasons

    Stolen bases: Jeter = 269, Henderson = 326, Jeters' average\per = 20, ETA = 3-4 seasons

    Jeff Passan and others can say what they want but this guys body of work screams H.O.F.. While he may have lost a step or an couple nano-seconds off his bat speed he still has the talent to be an effective player with big moment capabilities. I look forward to the next decade. I can't wait to see this guys assault on the Yankee record books, and possibly more.

    Remember kiddies, you heard it here first, he will hit the 1rst homer at the new Stadium.

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger YankeeFiend23 said…

    Maybe Robby going back to # 22 would help? Roger won't be needing it anymore

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