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Yankeeschickography: We're Putting WHO on the Mound?!
Monday, June 23, 2008
617 injuries and counting...

How many more till a move has to be made?


posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, June 23, 2008  
  • At 6:32 AM, Anonymous buyingachampionship.com said…

    No, no, no! Why are you still talking about CC SoFathia? We do not want or need him! Please stop mentioning this bag of sap!

    Why don't we go out and sign Schilling? Afterall, he's going to endure a season/career ending surgery. The Yanks are known for getting some washed-up has-beens.

    In all seriousness, I would like to see Barry Zito in pinstripes. He may be having a rough year, but the change of scenary and the pressure of New York would be good for him. I think he would thrive as a starting pitcher in NY. In fact, I think he may be the Barry Zito of old if we were able to secure him. Unfortunately, I don't think he is available.

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger William said…

    zito and his $120+ million??? plus whichever prospects we'd have to give up? no thank you. He hasn't shown to control the plate anymore (78 IP, 48 BB) to use his curve, so unless he can do that, we have a pitcher just like him named Igawa and he only costs $26 mil.

    CC it is.

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Nesto said…

    Zito...seriously..well hopefully he brings his pal Lincecum or Cain with him. Plus San Fran wouldn't trade him for a bag peanuts bc they would look even stupider for signing him and no team should give up a bag peanuts for zito bc peanuts are tasty and nutritious and would serve a baseball team better than Barry Z.

    Another name other than CC that would be interesting would be AJ Burnett. Even though he is having a horrible season and is likely to leave for FA at the end of season, he seems like a good canidate for a change of scenery since he actually has some talent. Seriously Canada can get boring quick, he needs some of that RARA yankee curtain calls to lift his spirits.

    There's also Erik Bedard, but for some reason i feel the mariners are going to ask for way too much for him. Since they gave alot for next to zero return

  • At 4:35 PM, Anonymous buyingachampionship.com said…

    AJ Burnett? Are you kidding? First of all, Burnett's contract is nothing to bat an eyelash at either. He's raking in $13.2 million this year.

    Burnett is 6-7 this year with a big fat 5.42 ERA. In fact, looking over his career stats, he hasn't posted more than 12 wins in a single season. Last time he posted 12 wins, he also managed to lose 12 games, and that was in 2005. Since then....not much better. He won 10 games in '06 and 10 games in '07. Should the Yanks be willing to pick up a $13 million dollar pitcher for 10-12 wins? Hell no!

    By the way, I was kidding about Zito. We need Papelbon...put him in the starting rotation next to Joba.

  • At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Marco said…


    I kid. My vote is for Justin Duchschererererer. He's a little known name, who could be an igniter. Remember how Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon faired in the unheralded roles? Plus, Justin has faired well thus far (8-4, 1.99 ERA). Imagine if he had the supposedly-great offense like the New York Yankees?

    Nay to Barry Zito. Curt Schilling, really???

  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger Christopher said…

    i really hope the yankees do NOT go for CC. he will require too much of a return plus a mega huge deal for way way too many years. im not willing to sign a big dude like that for more than 2 - 3 years tops.

    Justin Duchscherererer i also dont see donning pinstripes soon. hes having an amazing year plus hes under team control til 09. his first FA year is 2010, which gives the A's even more reason to hold onto him. also: i hear dealing with A's GM beane is no fun at all.

    realistically i see freddy garcia as a FA pickup. my dark horse trade candidate is derek lowe. even though the dodgers are only 3.5 out of first, i dont seem them realistically making a run (8 gb in the wild card as well.)

  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Bruce said…

    617 is a boston area code (sorry, I am just superstitious)

  • At 10:49 AM, Blogger Nesto said…

    When did 13.2 mil become a problem for the yanks. I mean you guys paid 18.7 mil for 18 starts, 6 wins by Clemens.

    Justin D. sounds like a good option. He has an ERA + of 198 and a sub 1 whip, but he does pitch better at home by almost a full run and his baa on the road by almost 100 pts.

    He is still pitching better than anybody on the Yanks, and for the cost concious fans. He is salary for the yr is 1.2 and since some of the season has past, you won't have to pay him 1.2 mil.

    Yet with Justin D. pitching so well for the A's, I can only imagine that every team looking for pitching help will be calling up Beane. So any trade may end up costing Austin Jackson, or even I-Ken (if he gets off the DL in time).

    Another thing that I have been thinking with any possible trade. Who are the yankees going to trade to get a CC or any other stud pitcher. I mean they could trade I-Ken or Hughes but since they've played so bad this season. It would be foolish to trade with thier stocks down but you guys wouldn't be in this situation if they were pitching decently at least. Melky is an average CF. Cano is playing bad and he will end costing too much for the cost conscience A's . Joba is obviously off limits.

    So who is left...maybe a return of the Giambino with his magical thong to the west coast for his reunion tour.

  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger Christopher said…

    giambi will never be moved: his contract is way too large for any team to pick up (23.5 mil, with a 5 mil buyout for next year). unless of course the yankees foot at least 75% of the contract, most likely more. not sure if his contract has a no trade clause either.

    thats the problem with this trade season: the yankees have too many young guys in the minors who id be hesitant to trade. Ajax tabata melancon cox et al. seem to be the next wave of yankees youngsters to the tune of jeter posada mo and pettite.

    oh and for the love of all that is holy (pun totally intended) do not trade JESUS (montero).

  • At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    .....you mean it's an area code in the home state the of the 200 WORLD CHAMPS!!!!!

    REPEAT RED SOX 2008!!!!

    ....Our Dynasty has Begun!

    If you saw last night's game in Boston, you'd know there's no stopping us now!

  • At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad to see the Yankees Chick getting closer to bringing back the cleavage to the videos.

    I wish Cashman would have signed some inexpensive inning eaters to help with the transition to the younger inexperienced guys and to solve some of the injury issues. Colon was a no brainer.

    I hope Sabathia is around in the off season. We'll need a lefty next year if Pettitte retires.

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