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Time For Some Bitching About This Pitching (And a SMIDGE of Good News...)
Monday, April 23, 2007
It is with a heavy heart that I sit down to craft this post, and I must admit that updating Yankees Chick is a task I've been dreading all weekend for lack of anything non-A-Rod-related to say. After today's game, I have finally progressed from frustrated about the pitching to downright sickened and some bitching is therefore in order.

My delightful friends, it is a sad state of affairs when a team's offense can consistently score 6+ runs, has seven starting position players that are hitting at least .300, and gets on base with with supreme consistency but still cannot win a goddamn game. Every single one of the Yankees embarrassing 10 losses can be attributed to their pitching woes, which range from injuries to inconsistency to the apparent inability for the starters to last longer than 5 innings. It is the latter two that concern me most, as injuries leave the hope of a return while inconsistency and that horrendous "I will spontaneously combust the moment this game gets into the 6th inning and henceforth my life quite literally hinges upon me not pitching well enough to convince Torre to keep me in any longer" condition afflicting the starting rotation do not appear to have any sort of remedy.

At the risk of burning your retinas, take note of the following:
  • The Yankees have racked up 75 appearances from their bullpen, the most in the MLB (and in just 18 games, surely some sort of mathematical improbability).
  • After tonight, the collective ERA of the starting pitchers is a dismal 5.64.
Despite the unfortunate overuse of the bullpen, they have actually been pretty effective as a whole - their ERA is 3.51. The inevitable burnout and blowout of all their arms is going to come much too soon at this rate, though, and there are over 140 games to go in this marathon. Proctor was a savior of sorts last season, but the workload he's been shouldering spells doom to me; the same goes for Bruney, who is one of my favorites but is way too young and unseasoned to handle so much work (and such intense pressure!).

The good news - and there is some! - is that there is help on the way on the starting pitching front. Wang has recovered from the hamstring trouble that has had him sidelined since before the start of the season and will be pitching tomorrow, hopefully a solid 6+ innings to let the poor bullpen take a little nap. Finally, the one and only Philip Hughes, Prospect Extraordinaire, will be joining the roster this week for an emergency Thursday start. This is obviously a bit sooner than anyone would really like, but the Yanks are out of alternative options (I'm sorry, Chase Wright) and Phil seems up to the job. The return of Wang and the excitement of seeing Hughes so early in the season makes your Yankees Chick cautiously optimistic for a turnaround on the mound...

...And if the pitching implosion continues, give A-Rod the ball and send him out there. He's on a roll.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, April 23, 2007  
  • At 2:17 PM, Anonymous XenoKJS said…

    Isnt it funny prior to the start of this season that everyone was praising the Yankee rotation, yet spoke of doom about the Mets? It goes to show that we dont know what were talking about half the time!

  • At 7:42 AM, Anonymous OldYanksFan said…

    "After tonight, the collective ERA of the starting pitchers is a dismal 5.64"

    Actually, considering our #1, #3 and #5 have been injured, that ain't as 'dismal' as you might think.

    Also consider that except for 1 game, all our loses have been by 2 runs or less.... about 1/2 by one run. And while the pitching has sucked, we have literally been about 3 clutch hits away from a 12-8 record.

    And while th BP ERA is decent, they have manged to juuuuuuuuust blow a number of leads... ala last night and 2 famous meltdowns from Mo.

    It has been sickening, but I still think we take the AL East if we don't have any major injuries to key players.

    Fear not Chickie-Poo.

  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Beisbol4Lyphe said…

    i just want you to know YC that i'm officially a Devil Rays fan.

  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger Yeah Him said…

    Seeing as Wang isn't back to 100%, your pitching season pretty much revolves around Thursday night and the appearance of savior boy.

    Hopefully, he's less problematic than Chase and Igawa.

    Though, when it comes to facing Boston, maybe he can serve up some more back to back to back to back jacks.

  • At 12:14 PM, Anonymous BigYanksFan said…


    First of all, I've read your post a few times and I like your cautiosly optimistic outlook... much like mine. I'm cautiously excited about Philip's start tonight and I really hope he's at least solid. Judging from what our boys said about his stuff in Spring training, he should have no problem achieving some success. They also point out how "mature" he is for his age, which eludes to the fact that he will be able to handle it when they score on him. Bottom line, we're going to be fine, but I was livid the other night when Myers gave up that grand slam. I mean c'mon, you get paid to get one guy out! But hey, Vizcaino didn't do anything to help either.

    Well, here goes Philip. Sounds like he smoked my beloved Syracuse Chiefs, now let's see if he can do it against the parent club. Go Yanks!

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