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Did You Think I'd Forget?
Sunday, September 02, 2007
Much to discuss in the world of the “Other 29” this week, my lovelies. With just a month to go and teams galore still in the running for a playoff spot, there’s enough drama and surprises to satisfy the General Hospital fan in all of us (don’t deny it). Onward to the roundup!!

AL East How I would love an upset here…
Boston (81-55): Sweeping you is my version of a religious experience.
(69-66): Good work with Seattle! Thank You card in the mail.
Baltimore (59-75): Everyone likes a no-hitter, right? Well, maybe not you.
Tampa Bay (55-81): Exhausted year’s worth of effort in 2 games against Yanks.

AL Central I will not let you take the Wild Card
Cleveland (78-57): Quite the hot streak! We get it, you’re good.
Detroit (73-63): I hope Sheff stays on that DL for eternity.
Minnesota (69-67): Close but no cigar. Ask Schilling how it feels.
Kansas City (60-75): At least it’s impossible to be worse than ChiSox.
Chicago (57-79): Suffice it to say that Ozzie is no Torre.

AL West I spy with my little eye… 2 teams I hate now
Los Angeles (80-55): Bad feeling we might see you in ALCS…again. Help.
Seattle (73-61): Definition of a downward spiral.
Oakland (67-70): Farm’s championship more important than promotions. A’s know they’re done.
Texas (62-73): Look on bright side: lots of youngsters to test out!

NL East My money is still on the Mets
New York (75-60): Nice try with the cheating defense. You got swept. Deal.
Philadelphia (72-63): You had some Mets fans very, very nervous
Atlanta (69-67): You made Mets fans feel a whole lot better.
Washington (59-77): Attendance down from last year. Wait, people went last year?
Florida (59-77): Why even bother with a farm? Everyone’s like 17.

NL Central Do you notice a change here?
Chicago (69-65): When a fake leg is biggest concern, you’re doing OK.
Milwaukee (68-67): Definitely still in this. Sink or swim time!
St. Louis (66-66): Will forgo usual comment because this is actually quite sad.
Cincinnati (62-74): Hey, everyone has bad days sometimes.
Houston (61-75): If I was great and an Astro, I’d look depressed too.
Pittsburgh (59-76): Please accept my sympathy.

NL West It’ll be a fight to the finish (which is a good place to stop)
San Diego (75-60): Can you win a championship on pitching alone?
Arizona (76-61): I wasn’t aware that Arizona was in the deep south.
Los Angeles (70-65): Boomer’s fines are going to be higher than his salary.
Colorado (69-66): Sad that you’re good the same year whole division is.
San Francisco (62-74): Every day is old-timers day.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, September 02, 2007  
  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Bald Headed Geek said…

    Hey, Maureen. Beating my BoSox may have been a religious experience for you, but for me it was just more of the same. I still expect the Red Sox to lose everytime they play the Yankees. Generally speaking, they don't "disappoint".

    BTW, I couldn't get the link on the line about the Cardinals to work.


  • At 11:54 PM, Blogger ChrisV82 said…

    Some of those links won't work because, and my theory may be wrong, the quotation mark is "wrong." I'm not sure where you construct your html code, but some programs will make quotation marks "curved," while others will make them straight up and down. In my experience, curved quotation marks cause HTML problems.

    Sad about Juan Encarnacion.

  • At 5:40 AM, Blogger Matthew said…

    how can you said that you expect the sox to lose every time we play and they don't disapoint!? If you check it, over the past (i believe) 4 years, the series is at like 54-50 in favor of the Yanks. That's pretty damn close. So to say they don't disapoint, you just sound ignorant and uninformed.

    Oh, and thanks to the D-Rays (HAHAHA!) for taking care of business!

  • At 6:11 AM, Blogger Yankees Fan in Boston said…

    I had to post something here, not so much because I had something to say, but more becayse 2 out of the 3 comments here were from Red Sox fans, and that seems wrong.

    I'm only slightly worried about Seattle right now. They dropped 9 in a row so they were bound to win one.. Hopefully the Yankees can take the last 2.

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