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It's Really Not That Bad...
Friday, September 21, 2007
Twas a hard day in the life of a Yankees fan. Granted, not as hard as all those days were back when we were 10+ games behind the Red Sox or when Pavano was on the active roster (*shudder*), but to see such a great comeback amount to naught is a disappointment nonetheless. Dejected as I was at the game's conclusion, I am still most confident in the team's overall standings (2.5 games back in the division, 4.5 up in the wildcard) and they have been playing incredibly well, so I certainly don't think this one game affects their post-season dreams in any way. It is unfortunate to lose in any fashion, though, and to relinquish a game back to the Sox is demoralizing, but let's take it all in stride - several good things came out of this loss! Really!
  • Joba's dad saw his first game at Yankee Stadium and his son pitched yet another gem: 2 innings, 4 strikeouts, 1 walk, and zero hits. Par for the course for Joba, of course.
  • A-Rod proved once again that he can come through in the clutch with his 9th inning RBI single to keep the team alive.
  • Giambi proved that even with all his injuries, we can still count on him.
  • Mo was lights-out as usual.
  • Abreu threw a ROCKET from right field to get Adams at the plate (let's not discuss the part where Posada dropped the ball).
  • Wang had a strong outing - 6 hits and 1 ER over 7 innings.
  • 3 months ago, this team couldn't come back from even a 1-run deficit. Tonight, they scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th inning. That bodes very well for the team, because it shows us that - finally - they have enough confidence in their own abilities to not get psyched out.
That last note there is, to your dear old Yankees Chick, the most important lesson we can take away from this loss. For the entire first half of the season, the Yankees' record when coming from behind was abysmal. Championship teams don't buckle in the face of a 4-run deficit - and tonight, the Yankees played like a championship team.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, September 21, 2007  
  • At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just got back from this game tonight. Add in that a young woman ran onto the field during the top of the 11th (i think...there were so many) inning and had to be taken off the field. Nothing like seeing someone get arrested to make the game that much more exciting.

    Oh yeah, and a Shelley Duncan sighting, only to see Wilson Betemit not even take the bat off his shoulders to end the game.

  • At 5:49 AM, Blogger Charles L. Wallace said…

    BTW, looks like Rocket is scratched for today and Hughsie's going in his place, with Moose on Sunday, both on normal rest.

  • At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Old Goat said…

    Posada shouldn't get a pass on that dumb running error either. Pop out foul and he runs, helping out the Blew Js.

    The full dog in this was Bruney. He strikes out the side, yet gives up a home run to insure that the Yankees have no chance.

    Betemit was a poor choice to put in, leave Duncan in. Give him an at bat, at least he would have struck out swinging instead of looking which really infuriates me.

  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger Matthew S Schweber said…

    I'd like to see Torre return next year. Especially because I suspect Mattingly, many's designated heir, has received enough seasoning just yet.

    To be sure, Mattingly has the pedigree and the temperament, and the players appear to bear the same respect and affection they have for Joe. Yet I'd feel far more comfortable with Mattingly inheriting the mantle after he serves another two or three years as bench coach and learns from Joe how to (or perhaps, how not to) manage a pitching staff.

    I know Girardi is a popular choice for some because he has managerial experience. And I concede he probably numbers among the two or three most intelligent men in baseball. Still, his personality unnerves me. Something about Girardi reeks of the rigid, controlling, pedantic martinet. Such an approach might work with a young Marlin team but on a team composed of veteran superstars, it augurs dissension, if not revolt. After watching Bronx is Burning and reading October Men, I'm reminded by how destructive an autocratic manager can be in a clubhouse with older, laurelled players.

    But the managerial choice that awaits the Yankees' front-office concerns me far less than whether their player personnel decisions.

    The loss of any of their three principal free-agents-- Rivera, Posada, A-Rod-- would be devastating.

    The loss of either of their two option players-- Pettitte (player option) and Abreu (team option)-- would hurt them as well.

    The loss of Joe would be regrettable but it's Cashman's decisions about his player personnel that will determine the Yankees' fate next season.

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