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Round 'Em Up!
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
So much going on in the wild world of sports...my Yankees Chick brain is swimming as fast as Boston's lead is crumbling. The Yanks have clawed their way back from the edge of their grave, Colorado is suddenly a playoff contender (sorta), the Mets are spiraling out of control, and there are only a couple more weeks of baseball for all of this to sort itself out! Really though, the worst part of the end of the regular season will be the sad demise of these round-ups. It's hard enough trying to think of something to say about the Nationals once a week during the season when they're actually playing - there's no way I can keep that up when they're sitting at home eating mac & cheese and playing Scrabble all winter like the rest of us (or is that just me?). Enjoy it while it lasts, lovelies:

AL East upset is suddenly not sounding too far out of the question
Boston (90-62): Shoulda dressed him up as Igawa - that's true embarrassment.
(76-75): Thank you - You're my new fave non-Yank team!
Baltimore (64-86): "We seemed to locate in a spot conducive to their swings."
Tampa Bay (63-89): Well, emotional space IS important from an umpire.

AL Central what the hell happened here? I thought you had 3 good teams?
Cleveland (89-62): Put another nail in Detroit's coffin.
Detroit (83-69): Need to win almost every game to stay alive. Goodbye.
Minnesota (74-77): Gardenhire is a hardass.
Kansas City (65-85): When last name is Buckner, going by Billy is wise.
Chicago (65-86): #500 in walk-off fashion on bobble-head night. Storybook!

AL West it's a good thing Seattle is out, cuz if the wildcard came from here, you'd have a 50% showing in the playoffs
Los Angeles (89-62): I like Vlad, but he cant compete with A-Rod.
Seattle (80-70): You're done.
Oakland (74-79): Smart: make new stadium 32,000-capacity. Makes it look fuller.
Texas (70-81): Padilla is probs just angry cuz he's a Ranger. Understandable.

NL East what the hell happened here?!
New York (83-67): Lost 5. Lead down to 1.5. Who are you, Boston?
Philadelphia (82-69): Swept the Mets again. Making them sweat!
Atlanta (78-73): Contract year is an opportunity to increase your value, Andruw.
Washington (68-83): Stadium "Cool with a capital 'C'". Yeah, an adult said that.
Florida (65-86): A 13-0 loss just adds insult to injury.

NL Central The land of mediocrity
Milwaukee (78-72): Sheets in contention to be next Pavano.
Chicago (79-73): Good work, Zambrano - get the extension then go on vacation.
St. Louis (70-80): You're not good. How did you win the World Series?
Cincinnati (69-82): Don't break the rules on the Reds' watch.
Pittsburgh (66-85): The 1st paragraph of this is GOLD.
Houston (65-86): Better get that job posting up on Craigslist.

NL West you're all contenders! oh... not you, Giants. Goodbye.
Arizona (85-67): Uh-oh... shaky offense just got shakier.
San Diego (83-70): Lock it down, Peavy!
Los Angeles (79-72): No power to be found.
Colorado (79-72): Helton could be 1st Rockie's HOF-er. Still overpaid.
San Francisco (67-84): Bonds in space!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, September 19, 2007  
  • At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Toxic said…

    Is it going to be the Angels in the first round again?

  • At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Ghost from Baseball Past said…

    The Yankees didn't claw there way back. They bought there way back.

    When one team has the top 4 spots on the MLB salary list. They should be winning chamionships every year.

    Maybe someday MLB will step up to the plate, put a salary cap on every team, make the playing field level and then we'll see who the best team turns out to be.

    Every team only allowed to spend the same ammount of money on their 24 man roster.

    gee what a concept!

    Until then the New York Yankess will have a strangle hold on having a terribly unfair advantage against the rest of the league.

    If you Yankee fans lived in Tampa you all would have committed suicide by now.

    The funny part about the whole thing is: You spend the most money every year and you haven't won anything since 2000. Hopefully your last few playoff chokes hold true this year also. I'm sure as usual like the years past. When the playoffs start, The Yankess stop playing hot and go cold. Especially A-Rod. Mr. April.

    Reggie Jackson wasn't called Mr. October for nothing ya know!

  • At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't think Tigers fans are necessarily depressed by their teams performance this year, considering the past fifteen years or so. It could have been worse.

  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Charles L. Wallace said…

    So, ghostie, how can each team in the top 4 on the salary list win chamionships [sic] each year? $-way tie?

    By the way, it's a 25 man roster. The 24 thing went out years ago, with collusion.

    Salary cap? No way the union will EVER agree to that, and I say fine by me. Salary caps are, by definition, socialistic. Not the American Way. Wanna be successful? Gotta SPEND money to MAKE money. We give the poor underlings untold millions [well, told, but you get my drift] in luxury tax. Some use it wisely, some do not.

    By the way, the team who spent the most money to win the WS was The Sox, in 2004. As the Ol' Perfessor always said, "You can look it up".

    Maureen, great blog! Different in a good way, I like the video updates. Glad to see you are over at Pete's blog from time to time too. Go Yankees! 28 in '08!!

  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    Hey, it's Rebecca "Queen of Optimism" from Pete's blog.

    That post is one of the most brilliant things I've read.


    Thank you, for making tonight that much more worth it!

  • At 4:04 PM, Anonymous bxgrl1 said…

    Terrific Round Up.

    Thanks much.

    Go Yankees!!!

    We ARE the MFY!

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