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Bring That Private Jet Around And Take Me To Cleveland!
Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Now that the National League October representatives have finally been hammered out - and what the hell, Padres and Mets! I had you two down as eventual NLCS contenders - I can officially morph into post-season mode. We're just 2 days away from game 1 of the Yanks-Indians series, and the Yankees Chick's emotions seem to have been concocted from some strange mixture of nerves-juice, excitement-tonic, and terror-milk (mmmmm....terror-milk), a feeling unlikely to dissipate until the Yanks have successfully navigated their way through round 1 of post-season-ville.

Through a stroke of good luck and some magic courtesy of Dreamy Grady Sizemore, the Yankees avoided having to face the Krypotonite that is the Angels in the ALDS. This is key for the Yanks not because the Indians are a lesser team, but simply because for some unknown reason the team is reduced to little more than a gaggle of stuttering tee-ball players in the Angels' presence. The Yanks beat the Indians every time they faced them during the regular season, but while that may give the boys an extra spring in their step as they head to Cleveland it really doesn't mean much in the post-season; these games are going to be won (or lost...) on timely hitting (you can do it this year, A-Rod! I believe in you!) and on the big P-word: Pitching.

Things have been looking swell for the Yanks over the past couple months, and there is plenty to feel good about going into the series in Cleveland - A-Rod proved his clutchosity in the final few days, Hughes's last outing was great, Posada never woke up and realized he is a 36-year-old catcher and should not be hitting so well - but there are unfortunately some question marks we need to be concerned about, namely:
  • Roger Clemens: Peter Abraham assures us that the Rocket has been working out and is in fine shape and Torre sounds positive that he will be able to start on Sunday, but I will not count these chickens until they are hatched in the form of Indians striking out.
  • Moose: This man makes me wish I was the type of person that bit her nails.
  • Matsui: He missed the last 2 games of the season because of swelling in his knee and had the fluid drained over the weekend, and Torre indicated that he may only be available to DH throughout the series. Since we have a good bench these days (thank goodness), there is no real shortage of outfielders; what worries me is having him in as DH if he is not at 100%. There is no room for half-injured players on a post-season roster.
  • Farnsworthless: He is so worthless it seems like sacrilege to even waste valuable blog space discussing him. He will be on that roster though, and we all know that if someone is alive, breathing, and not bleeding profusely from one or more orifices, Torre WILL use him in a game.
These question marks, while nagging, should pale in comparison to all of the exclamation points the Yanks have in their favor (if you're not impressed with that punctuation metaphor, you are no longer welcome at my dinner table), which shall be discussed in glorious detail on Wednesday. I can't promise any more punctuation puns though... I'm tapped out.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, October 02, 2007  
  • At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Brian said…

    Good news everyone! Professor Farnsworth is on the post season roster!...Wait...That's not good news at all! -__-

    I gotta ask, do you know of any way the Yankees can weasel out of the last year of his contract? Does he have a buy out? Or anything?!?!!? I really rather not deal with this guy in pinstripes for much longer...

  • At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Duncan Ate My Bat said…

    The biggest problem is that you never know which Farnsworth you are going to get. He has shown so much of both sides of his pitching that its a crap shoot.

    The Yankee starters need to get deep in the games, then it takes the ball out of the relievers hands. Unless the Starters are struggling, and they go with putting in Hughes to finish up the majority of the game.

  • At 5:34 AM, Blogger namistai said…

    check this link out. it got me so pumped for tomorrow:


    by the way, bar in the lower east side, called "the blue seats" (yes as in yankee stadium) all, feel free to go there for drinks.

    no i dont work for them, i just think its cool that theres a bar called the blue seats in the most sports apathetic neighborhood in NY.

  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous The RS Bat Boy said…

    The Angels and Kryptonite?

    No Colon
    and Matthews Jr. on 27-man roster

    No Anderson tonight
    No Vlad in right field
    Figgins: ZERO for his last 22
    Lackey at Fenway: 1-4

    I like our chances!

    bet you're kind of wishing for another opponent? aren't you?

    Cleveland Sweep 3-0!!!!

    Bring back Farnszy!!!!! We like him on your team up in Boston!

  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Yankees Chick said…

    Angels are Kryptonite to the YANKS... and no one else! hehehe :)

    I really don't know why :( They had some bad experiences with them and now they psyche themselves out EVERY time. It's so frustrating :(

  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger MCBias said…

    Wait...wasn't there a lot of rejoicing last year over playing the overhyped, inexperienced entry from the AL Central? Ahem. But to be honest, Cleveland's only advantage seems to be starting pitching...I hope CC and Fausto can pitch complete games, let's put it that way.

  • At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Kristin L. said…

    I agree with you totally on Farnsworth. While he's shown two sides to his pitching, he's shown only one side to his personality, and it is asshole. I want him out of pinstripes as fast as possible.

    Also - I am the type of girl to bite my nails and nobody gets me nibbling more than Mussina. So, put me down for being a bag of nerves too. I'm just a slightly more optimistic bag of nerves than I was last year.

  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger Berzerkomandor said…

    sweep the Tribe EHh? Somebody didn't get the memo...You got took out by the Tribe NY--and stay out.

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