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The Final 2007 "Rest O' The League Round-Up"... Cry All You Need, Lovelies
Sunday, September 30, 2007
With the exception of the 1-game playoff between the Padres and Rockies that will take place tomorrow to determine which of the two will take the National League Wildcard spot and head to the post-season and who is going home to play Wii all winter, the regular season is dunzo. I will miss daily baseball like nobody's business... and I will also miss writing these delightful 10-words-or-less roundups of the goings-on of the "other 29"! They have been a challenge at times - it's difficult, after all, to sum up hilarious steroids scandals or Red Sox failures in just 10 words - but the Yankees Chick has persevered for the greater good and enjoyment of my fabulous and much-appreciated readers (all 3 of you). You're welcome!

Before you read this final roundup, make sure to take a journey through the previous Rest O' The League Roundups, for old time's sake:
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AL East Why don't they just rename this division "Red Sox, Yankees and 3 teams that have no chance"?
Boston (96-66): I want a 2004 re-do SO BAD.
(83-79): You sure did enjoy playing spoiler.
Baltimore (69-93): Haven't you already been trying to ditch him for ages?
Tampa Bay (66-96): Being on a loser team sucks, but please: calm yourself.

AL Central You guys started the season with a lot of promise... then failed.
Cleveland (96-66): Your rotation makes me nervous.
Detroit (88-74): Wasted post-season chance, but you ended on a high note.
Minnesota (74-77): Yeah, blame it on the free agents.
Chicago (72-90): Shouldn't you be trying to improve your 2008 roster?
Kansas City (69-93): Bottom of the barrel. Again :(

AL West Your off-season mission: find another team or two.
Los Angeles (89-76): Where's that cute but obnoxious monkey?! Did he die?!??!
Seattle (88-74): Quite the demise. Thank goodness.
Oakland (76-86): Way to look at the bright side!
Texas (75-87): This is what happens to teams making worst deals EVER.

NL East HOLY COW!! I did NOT see this coming.
Philadelphia (89-73): Major props to you - what a run!
New York (88-74): Biggest choke of year. Actually feel bad for your fans.
Atlanta (84-78): Years disrespecting Native Americans caught up to you. Bad karma.
Washington (73-89): The Mets hate you as much as the Marlins.
Florida (71-91): Mets fans may actually lynch you. Watch your back.

NL Central Chicago should get a bonus point for having to beat 5 teams to win their division
Chicago (85-77): If you blow it, I'd watch out for Lou.
Milwaukee (83-79): Well, at least these folks don't have to humiliate themselves.
St. Louis (78-84): It's official: You're not good.
Houston (73-89): A positive ending for Biggio. I teared up.
Cincinnati (72-90): I miss Pete Rose.
Pittsburgh (68-94): Another example why I was a 'fraidy-cat as softball player.

NL West By far the best playoff race in baseball. wait, what did I just say?
Arizona (90-72): I really didn't have you pegged. Congrats.
San Diego (89-73): If anyone can save the Padres, it's Peavy. No pressure.
Colorado (89-73): Regardless of tomorrow, you should be proud. I'm still shocked!
Los Angeles (82-80): Having any offense might have helped you. Just a thought.
San Francisco (70-91): 2008 will be enlightening for Bonds... ONLY 'Frisco likes you.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, September 30, 2007  
  • At 10:20 AM, Anonymous The RS Bat Boy said…

    Red Sox failures?

    Last time I checked not only did we win the AL East Division and are now the reigning champs of that division, but we also did it with the best record in the major leagues.

    Where is the failure?

    The definition of a failure of a season should be the Yankees: A $200 million dollar payroll and second place to show for it!

    Carmona, CC and Cleveland will send you on your way to a long cold winter and another failure of a season! 7 and counting!

    Don't enjoy our parade in Boston too, too much at the end of the month Chickers!!!!!!

  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger Yankees Chick said…

    twas a joke, my love :)

    read through the other "round-ups"... Aside from Gagne blow-ups, there really haven't BEEN any failures for me talk about when it comes to the Sox this year. I admit that.

    I'm fair and balanced... well, not really, but more so than fox news.

    but thats not hard to do

    (end liberal rant)

  • At 12:53 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    Maybe it's just me..but spending $100 Million dollars on ONE player, who winds up with a 15-12 record and an era of around 4.50, seems to be a failure.

    And, this is NOT a joke..all those numbers are 100% fair and balanced!

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