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BALCO and Barry Bonds: A Tale of Love and Deception (A Steroid Scandal)
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
BALCO is the worst sort of lover: she sucks you in with promises of fine gifts and making you a “better player”, then turns you into a drug addict. After you’re hooked, of course, she’s ashamed to be associated with you and claims to have never met you! I mean, really!

Barry Bonds has long been rumored to be a close, intimate friend of dear BALCO, and many people (Yankees Chick included) considered their relationship all but written in stone. Unlike fellow BALCO-fan Jason Giambi, Barry has always maintained that he had nothing to do with that skank (BALCO, not Jason), and it looked like he planned to deny his way all the way to the record books. This week brought about new information about Barry and his steroid abuse, though, and now that the world knows the truth (and by “know” I mean “know what we already knew but can say it with more confidence”), the fans and players are left wondering what Barry’s next move will be.

The book that allegedly exposes the truth behind Barry’s All-Star career won’t be out till the end of March, but Sports Illustrated conveniently provided the world with the excerpts in plenty of time for us to speculate on what will become of Barry before the season even starts.

The book has failed to illicit any public response from Barry himself, and there hasn’t been any indication that he’s changed his plans about playing this year. He will likely play with the Giants as planned, and we can expect him to beat Babe’s home run record with ease—and to a chorus of boos. There is no question that he will be sorely rejected by his teammates and by baseball fans, but I’m unsure as to whether that will even slow Barry down. Anyone with an ounce of humility would retire immediately—or at least at the end of this season—and keep the dignity of Hank Aaron’s home run record intact, but who knows what Barry is capable of? And if Barry does opt to remain an active player, will he even have a place to hang his hat and a team to homer for after his contract with the Giants is up this year?

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, March 08, 2006   1 comments
WBC is Heating Up—And the 2006 Yankees Are on Fire
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
The first World Baseball Classic has only been underway for one week, and we’ve already bid farewell to two teams (China and Chinese Taipei…my apologies to anyone who bet on them…). Both Mexico and Korea have impressed me, with Korea beating the favored Japan team and Mexico giving up just two runs to the U.S. earlier today, and the Dominican and Venezuela teams each have enough talent to intimidate a lineup of resurrected Hall of Fame-ers. The games have been very exciting to watch; no matter which team you watch you’ll see major league superstars playing with intense passion (except for United States players, no national pride there, thanks).

The real excitement, though, comes from watching the performances of the participating 2006 Yankees. Today was the first USA game, and thus the first WBC appearances by Damon, Jeter, and A-Rod. The Yankees’ likely 1-2-3 hitters did not disappoint—all three went 1-3, and Damon’s hit was a triple. Down in Florida, Bernie Williams served as DH for Puerto Rico during their first game against Panama, and lest you think Bernie is washed-up, allow me to inform you that he was 2-3 today—including a double!

There are no fewer than five games scheduled for tomorrow, including the USA-Canada match-up at 4:00pm EST. The Marlins’ Dontrelle Willis will be facing Adam Loewen, a 21-year-old left-hander.

posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, March 07, 2006   1 comments
MLB Team Profiles: Detroit Tigers
Monday, March 06, 2006
Detroit Tigers

2005 Record: .438 (71-91), 4th place in AL Central

2004 Record: .444 (72-90)

Who’s Out: Jason Johnson (P), Rondell White (LF), Kenny Baugh (P)

Who’s In: Todd Jones (P), Kenny Rogers (P), Randy Steik (P)

Notes: Unlike the Royals or the Rockies, the Tigers offer their fans a decent helping of hope for the future. 24-year-old Jeremy Bonderman was their “ace” last year, and he’s just getting started. They also have Justin Verlander, who is just 22, waiting in the minor league wings. He has done extremely well in the minors, and although his brief time with the Tigers last season proved that he wasn’t quite ready for a full season the majors, he definitely has the talent to be a star starter next year. As for defense, Chris Shelton has been working hard to banish his reputation as an error-plagued power hitter. He’s still got the bat, but he’s been taking extra effort to prove that he won’t make too many errors at first base next year…

Next up: Los Angeles Dodgers


posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, March 06, 2006   1 comments
Yankees 0-3 in Spring Training
Saturday, March 04, 2006
Yes, folks, it’s true—the Yanks have fallen to the first three teams they faced this spring. The Phillies and the Reds both toppled the Bombers this week, but several Yanks had some hot stuff to offer:

- Damon went 2 for 3 in game 1 on Thursday, hitting a double and a single. As Giambi put it, "That's what he does best. That's what makes him the player that he is: He gets on base. He scores runs. He gives you an opportunity to score a run when he gets on."

- Also in game 1, starting pitcher Shawn Chacon had a 1-2-3 first inning and another scoreless outing in the second. "For the most part, I was throwing strikes and getting comfortable," he said. "Just getting my feet under me out there." Chacon threw thirty pitches, 17 for strikes.

- In game 2 against the Phillies, Cano had a two-out double in the third, and Melky Cabrera went 4-5 with one RBI. Twenty-six year old minor league outfielder Kevin Thompson went 3 for 3 with two runs scored.

- Jaret Wright made his debut in game 2, and pitched two innings, allowing just one run.

- The Unit had his first start in game 3 against the Reds today. Johnson allowed three runs on three hits, but pitched well: he walked one and struck out two, throwing 48 pitches, 30 for strikes. "Overall, I was pretty pleased that I was able to go out there," Johnson said. "It's a lot different than throwing BP, because you can get an assessment of where you're at, where your pitches are."

- After the Unit went out, Proctor stepped up to the mound and pitched two scoreless innings with 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.

- Posada and Duncan both hit doubles today, and Cano went 2 for 4.

What’s next for the Yanks? Several players have already left Spring Training to report for duty for the WBC; Damon, Jeter, A-Rod and Al Leiter took off for Arizona after Thursday’s game, and Bernie Williams headed for Port St. Lucie, where the Puerto Rican team is assembling. Moose will make his Spring Training debut tomorrow, when the Yanks will face Toronto.

posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, March 04, 2006   0 comments
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