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ANOTHER Steal of a Deal!
Thursday, July 31, 2008
With the top of the AL East suddenly not out of sight, the Steinbrothers and Cash Man are pulling out all the stops to give the team the best shot possible to make it to the playoffs again. They already filled a couple holes with the great Nady and Marte deal (and BTW: I'm getting more excited about the X-Man with each passing day [and with each sweet RBI dub, of course]) and yesterday they made sure the trade deadline didn't pass them by before they could address another major need.

The move today was a surprise - and a GREAT one. The Tigers reportedly just started reaching out to teams looking for takers for Pudge Rodriguez and the Yanks jumped at the chance, thanks to the Jorgie Porgie's season ending surgery and Jo-Mo's inability to do much more than stand immobile at the plate. The best part?? All they wanted in return for this 14-time All Star catching gem: Kyle Farnsworthless.

Here's the deets on our new catcher:
Career numbers: .302/.340/.477. 47% caught steeling record (!!) 14 All-Star games, 1 MVP (1999), 13 Gold Gloves, 7 Silver Sluggers
2008: .295/.338/.417. 5 HR, 32 RBI, 6 SB. 36% caught steeling record.

Much as I despise Farny, I'll admit that he's been having a decent year: 44.3 IP, 43 K, 17 BB, 3.65 ERA. I'm not fooled, though. We all know he sucks.

For the most part, everyone seems excited about the deal. Pudge says he's ready to move on from Tigerville and would even like to stay once his contract is up at the end of the year (he's got an option on the contract) and is looking forward to working with the likes of the Jeet and the Moose. As for Farny... there were tears, which made the hyper-sensitive YC ALMOST feel bad for him (until I remember how much I hated him and was able to get myself under control). Girardino was getting verklempt himself - he loves the boy and has been pulling for him all season. They'll get over it as soon as Farny realizes he won't be booed as much in Detroit (at first, anyway) and Girardi realizes Pudge is an awesome replacement for Jo-Mo and especially poor Moeller.

Speaking of Moeller... see ya on the bench!

BTW, there's still a few hours left. Are more trades to come? Jarrod Washburn packing his bags yet?

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 31, 2008   3 comments
Breaking News: 11th Hour Trade
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
From ESPN: Yanks acquire catcher Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworthless!

I'll write more this evening. Initial reaction: groovatron!


posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 30, 2008   5 comments
B.Q.E. o' the Day: Guillen is a BQE GOD
I hope Ozzie Guillen never, ever gets fired. Pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth is PURE GOLDEN MAGIC.

His latest trip on the crazy/truth train, in response to a reporter's question about whether he'll bench the slumerific Konerko:
"I don't know. I need to get drunk and think about it.''
You heard it here, folks. Alcohol will not only solve your problems but will help you make important decisions, too.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 30, 2008   2 comments
Michael Kay Delivers Some Bad News...
Monday, July 28, 2008
Jorgie is going to have his surgery and henceforth he's down for the season. Enjoy a lot of Jo-Mo action!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 28, 2008   2 comments
A Steal of a Deal!
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Sorry, Pirates fans: you lost this one.

The trade deadline is still a few days away, but the Yanks have addressed their needs and made a sweet move to fill some gaps in their roster. The Pirates and Yankees have agreed to a deal that will send right-handed outfielder X Nady and lefty reliever Damaso Marte to the Bronx in exchange for Ross Ohlendork, Jeff Karstens (remember him?), Dan McCutchen, and the one true loss for the Yanks, OF prospect Jose Tabata.

Here are the deets on our two new players:

Nady: 89 games, 327 AB, .330 avg, .383 OPB, 13 HR, 2 E and 10 assists from RF.

Marte: 47 games, 46.7 IP, 3.47 ERA, 1.157 WHIP, 16 BB, 47 K.

The Yanks really scored with this one. The bullpen has been amazing, but getting another strong lefty out there is going to be a huge help when Farnsworthless starts really sucking and Jose Veras gets tired. With Matsui out and Damon better off as a DH, Nady can play left field on a near daily basis and provide power and average in what is at the moment a super-pathetic bottom third of the lineup. Giambi has been doing fine at first base, so he can continue to play there and free up the DH spot for Damon.

I guess Brett Gardner is out of a job.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 26, 2008   2 comments
Remember Them?
Friday, July 25, 2008
The Yanks pitching has been nothing short of stellar of late, with the likes of Sir Sidney and D-Ras doing their best to rid themselves of their "filler starter" titles and prove they deserve their spots in the rotation and the bullpen evidently forgetting that they weren't expected to be all that great sans Jobamania. Despite their greatness, though, I have serious doubts that they'll be able to maintain such a performance over the remaining 2+ months of the season.

More help could be on the way though. In case you've forgotten, the Yanks have three (potentially) valuable pitchers rotting in the DL Resort and Casino: Bruney, Hughsie, and I-Ken. All three of them are working their way back to health and at least one of them could be back with the Yanks sometime very soon.

Hughsie has only recently begun his rehab, but the other two are already pitching in minor league games. Bruney has pitched 11.1 innings in nine games, giving up 9 hits, 4 earned runs, 7 walks and 12 strikeouts - not a bad start at all. IPK has been busting some serious moves for Scranton including a near no-hitter yesterday that was ruined largely by his team's poor defense. He's got a 1.96 ERA in 9 games in the minors thus far and opposing batters are only hitting .166 against him. Of course, he's done this before this year - pitched like a champ in the minors - and still wasn't able to hack it upon returning to the Bronx.

What dost thou think? What can we expect from these dudes if/when they make their triumphant/embarrassing returns? Or could they be trade bait?


posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 25, 2008   2 comments
In Case You Haven't Noticed...
Thursday, July 24, 2008
...the pitching has been positively lights out since the boys got back from their extended All-Star break vacation.

Peter Abraham broke down the pertinent numbers for us. Behold:
57 innings
49 hits
12 earned runs
12 walks
61 strikeouts
1.89 ERA

Look at that walk-to-strikeout ratio! And the ERA, my goodness!

And this has all been accomplished with a pitching roster than includes the likes of Sidney Ponson and LaTroy Hawkins.

Can they keep it up down the stretch? It's unlikely, to be honest. Sir Sidney will implode - hopefully just in time for Hughsie or IPK to make a triumphant return (wishful thinking?) - and Jose Veras will come back to earth. Jobamania will have a bad outing (unless he really IS superhuman). Moose will remember he's an old man. Mariano will remember he's not a machine. But what the staff has done of late is a terrific start to what we hope will be another league-leading, playoff-worthy second half.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 24, 2008   3 comments
Top Ten Tuesdays (on Time for Once): Do It!
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Whew! It's been many moons since I last posted a Top Ten Tuesday on the proper day (or at all), but for once I am here, coming atcha with some sweet Top Ten action.

The season is quickly getting closer to the finish line - the Yanks will play their 100th game tonight - and they're still rotting in the third place hole in the division. They've got a 4.5 game deficit to surmount and not much time to do it; they're going to need to really get things together to blaze ahead of the Rays and Sox. The problem? They've got a lot of holes in the roster at this time and often seem to be hanging on by a thread. I've got a few thoughts on what they'll need to do during these last few months in order to make it to the playoffs... ready?

Top Ten Things the Yanks NEED if They Want to Make it Back to the Playoffs:

10) Jeter needs to get his average and OBP up. He's hitting well, but not as well as he usually does. Perhaps I'm being a bit greedy expecting him to hit over .300 again, but it sure would be a help.
9) They've still got 9 games to go against the Sox, and big wins would not only boost their spot in the standings (obv) but provide a hearty dose of confidence and momentum - beating the Sox always does.
8) They've also got 6 more games to play against those devilish Rays, and those are going to be must-win contests.
7) The offense needs to produce big time when the "filler starters" - Sir Sidney and Rasner - take the mound. Both of them are decent pitchers and can certainly keep the team in the game so long as the bats show up. Each of them is likely to give up at least 3 runs in the 6 innings they last each time they pitch, which puts a little extra pressure on the offense.
6) Keep hitting, Cano!
5) The bottom third of the order is currently pretty weak, with Melky, Gardner and Jo-Mo (see #3), and that's a pretty big issue at the moment. Everyone seems to think Gardner has the potential to hit a lot better than he has been (.170/.237/189) and Melky has shown glimmers of what he's capable of, but methinks it's unlikely those three will be even close to as productive as the top 6 in the lineup. If they can just get their collective average up to even .250 it would be a big improvement. The team can't win consistently with three automatic outs at the bottom of the lineup.
4) The bullpen has been surprisingly incredible - lights out, in fact - of late, and while I doubt they can keep their ERA under 2.00 for long, if they can just stay healthy and pitch at a 3.00 clip, the Yanks should be able to provide enough run support to hang onto their leads (or mount a comeback when they're behind).
3) Jo-Mo is going to need to start hitting. He's awesome behind the plate, throwing out potential steelers at nearly a 50% rate, but a .227 batting average and .266 OBP ain't going to cut it. If he could just get his average up to how Posada was hitting, about .265 or so, he'd actually be an upgrade over the injured Jorgie. Seems unlikely, though. Let's cross our fingers for .240.
2) Can Matsui make it back from the DL? He opted not to have the surgery his docs were advising, which doesn't seem like the best idea - the docs are the pros - but he knows his body and hopefully he can rehab successfully.
1) When Hughsie and/or I-Ken finally claw their way back to the majors, we need a few wins from them. Before they took up residence at the DL Resort and Casino they hadn't managed a single win - that's got to change. They are the ultimate "Get it TOGETHER!" boys.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 22, 2008   7 comments
Posada Down for the Count
Monday, July 21, 2008
From Peter Abraham:
"Bad news for Posada. He will see Dr. David Altchek tomorrow and may soon have season-ending surgery to repair the torn lambrum in his shoulder. The surgery is such that he may need to get it now to make sure he will be ready for next season.

Posada admitted that he can’t throw and that it has been bothering him all season."
I guess he wasn't doing much for us anyway... Molina has been doing a much better job behind the plate than dear Jorgie and at least he gets hit by pitches.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 21, 2008   1 comments
Question For Y'all
Sunday, July 20, 2008
The trade deadline is just under 11 days away, and there are names aplenty being tossed around as potential acquisitions. Whether the need to make a move is up for discussion - especially because, lest you have forgotten, we've got a couple potentially good starters in Hughsie and I-Ken (we hope) as well as Matso Ball and Damon rotting on the DL - but the question for the day is who they might want if they DO make a move.

Submit your suggestions in the comments, and I'll make sure to let the Steinbrothers and the Cash Man know what we've decided when I have my bi-weekly chat with them tomorrow (obv).


posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, July 20, 2008   13 comments
Holy HELL I Hate it When...
Thursday, July 17, 2008
... the Clemens juicing drama heats up again. If anyone isn't sick of it at this point, I fear there may be something wrong with the part of your brain that is supposed to be irritated by fame-hungry people seeking to get their name in the news.

The latest comes courtesy of the man who allegedly shipped Clemens (and others) HGH back in the early 2000's, trainer boy McNameanie's crony and key evidence-giver in the Mitchell Report Kirk Radomski. Captain Kirk told espn.com that he was moving a broken TV in his house the other day and - surprise! - he found a stack of receipts showing he had shipped Clemens HGH right underneath it. He said they prove he sent the stuff to the Rocket in "2002 or 2003," which makes no sense to me - wouldn't a receipt have a date on it? What is this ballparking of the date business? The found receipts also include shipments to other players, but Captain said he couldn't recall to whom he was making those shipments. Again... fishy? If one of the receipts had Clemens name on it, wouldn't it stand to reason that the other receipts would bear the names of the other recipients? Or am I missing something here?

Thank god the All-Star break is finally over. I'm sick of Baseball Tonight discussing this.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 17, 2008   1 comments
ESPN is reporting that the Yanks have a "tentative" deal to bring Richie SexsNO to the Bronx as early as Saturday.

Is he really better than Better Mint? I'm assuming that's whose roster spot will be usurped. He actually hits pretty well against lefties - .344 average this year - which I admittedly did not realize when I first proclaimed my disdain for the very thought of bringing him on the team, so I suppose there is an outside chance that he can do something for the team. They only have to pay him a prorated chunk of the league minimum $390K, so even if he winds up being miserable at least they wont have wasted much dinero on the perdador.


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posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 17, 2008   7 comments
ASG: Potent Notables
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I know I said yesterday (and last year... and the year before that) that I am not a fan of the All Star Game, but I've got to admit that last night's epic game was quite enjoyable. I watched the whole damn thing and although I did get a little worried about injuries - especially with all that base-stealing and sliding - the excitement of the close game over-rode my worrywart-ness. Here's a little rundown of the highlights (and lowlights!) of the game:

Big Stein aint always a hardass: The pre-game haps were great, particularly seeing The Boss show his tender side with a few tears as he scooted across the field in his souped up golf cart. It's good to get a reminder that at heart he's a huge baseball fan and appreciates both the game and the people that have made an impact on it.

Ugly Uggla: My heart goes out to the poor sap, who made 3 errors in the game and didn't do anything at the plate, either. It was reportedly his dad's dream to see his boy play at Yankee Stadium, and it seemed like the he just couldn't handle the pressure. I have a feeling he shed more tears than Stein back in the clubhouse.

Loserbon: Is it wrong that I was rooting for Papelbon to blow it? After reading what he said about having "earned" the closer role just as much as Mo I was positively giddy with glee when he when he didn't pitch perfectly.

Can't hate on you, Drew: I'll give credit where credit is due, even to a Sox (Sox?). Thanks for your hard work and congrats on the MVP - you deserve!

Wait! What about Sherrill? The O's pitcher got the AL team out of a bases loaded jam and went a season high 2 2/3 solid innings. Can we give him a mini-mvp?

What gives, NL? I'm glad the AL won of course, but come on now. This is getting pathetic.

Twas more fun than I'd anticipated, but I'm glad its over. Is it Friday yet?

posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 16, 2008   8 comments
B.Q.E. o' the Day: Mo-Rod
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
It may be break time, but poor A-Rod doesn't get a breather from all the divorce and cheating chatter. I hate to sink to the level of Madonna-photo-toting "fans"... But there's not much else to discuss until the game is over tonight so I'm going there anyway!
Rodriguez has been hanging out at her [Madonna's] apartment a lot lately. He's leaving by himself as late as midnight. "a source" to US Weekly
Yeah, I read celebrity trash in addition to Dawkins.

At least the Rod should be able to count on a relatively taunt-less evening since the game is in the Bronx - and I can't imagine a person ponying up a grand for the pleasure of watching the cream of the MLB crop play for the final time at Yankee Stadium and caring about anything but the glory of the sport.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 15, 2008   1 comments
Sigh: It's Break Time
Monday, July 14, 2008
I hate the All-Star break. No game until Friday?! The frightening potential for injuries? No thanks, I'll pass.

That said, here're a few updates on the dreaded Break haps:

No Mo: despite all the stupid rumors, Mariano will not be the starting pitcher Tuesday - surprising super-stud Cliff Lee has been given the honors. To be honest, I don't even know where that ridiculous idea came from or why anyone would think that would be a good idea, and I'm glad he won't be the starter after all.

No Rod: The Baseball Powers That Be were hoping to have the Rod be the centerpiece of tonight's derby, but no such luck for them/us. A-Dawg claims that trying to smack a buncha homers in one night would jack up his swing and inhibit his homer-hitting when he went back to real baseball, even though no such thing happened the last time he participated in the event. Methinks he's just sick of being hounded by the media and obnoxious Madonna-photo-toting haters to put up with another day in the spotlight. Hasta manana.

Not So Devilish: This year's AL East kings took a bit of a dive in the week leading up to the break, dropping 7 in a row and letting their lead over the Sox dwindle to just half a game disappear. Too bad the Yanks didn't take advantage and win a couple more!

With no Yank to cheer for tonight, I will be crossing my fingers for Josh Hamilton. Who are you rooting for?

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 14, 2008   1 comments
RIP Big Bobby
Saturday, July 12, 2008
Sad news for all of the baseball world today: Bobby Murcer has succumbed to the brain cancer that has been plaguing him for nearly two years.

My thoughts are with his family, and of course all of his many, many fans and supporters. He was known as one of the nicest guys in the game and touched countless people throughout his too-short life.

Read the official Yankees story here.
posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 12, 2008   2 comments
Richie SexsNO!
Friday, July 11, 2008
Ever since the Mariners made the (wise) decision to rid themselves of the dead weight that is Richie Sexson, fans and bloggers have been throwing around the notion that the Bronx would be a grand destination for a player that not even the worst team in the league wanted in their lineup.

I love my fellow bloggers and any Yankees fan is a friend in my book, but I've gotta say: come on, dudes! It's been YEARS since the last time he was decent enough to make a formidable contribution to his team, and his offense this year has been almost as abysmal as his worst-ever season last year. He's hitting just .218 with 11 homers and a .315 OBP in 74 games.

It's not just his weak performance that makes a Yankees signing a ridiculous idea, though. The Yanks simply have no need for him. They have plenty of first base options already and they certainly don't need another DH - much less one that can't get on base to save his life.

Matsui and Damon will be back eventually. The Great Mustachio is doing a fine job over at first base. Wilson Bettermint isn't an offensive powerhouse, but he's a good enough backup for the time being. What would SexsNO bring to the team that they don't already have?

That's not a rhetorical question. Is there something I'm missing?


posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 11, 2008   5 comments
Quick Question
Thursday, July 10, 2008
How is it decided whether an in-progress rainy game will be canceled or just postponed? It is such a bust that the first time the Yanks and Pirates tried to play this game the Yanks were on their way to a win but had to suffer a loss tonight.
posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 10, 2008   1 comments
Support Our Wounded Soldiers
The Yanks have been playing so well this week that I nearly forgot that they have enough players staying at the DL Resort and Casino to staff a complete team. Hughsie, Wang and IPK haven't been missed too much thanks to Jobamania, the Moose, the surprisingly good bullpen, and even SiDawg Crosby, but Matsui's and Damon's absence have been noticed. They've scored just 18 runs over the last 6 games, including the game against the Sox in which they got shut down completely, and even though they won 4 of those 6 it was largely due to the pitching - there was no particular offensive free for all going on.

We finally got some updates on those two today. Bad news on Damon, whose delicate shoulder is still too swollen and tender for him to swing a bat, even at a ball on a tee, so we won't be seeing him back anytime soon, an unfortunate turn of events considering the hot year he was having. As for Matso Ball Soup, he's faring only slightly better - he's playing tee-ball down in Tampa already but hasn't graduated to real BP just yet. I can't find any news on actual timelines for returns for either dude, probs because the Yanks just don't know when they'll be healed up enough. For now, we'll have to cross our fingers and hope for a hit or two here and there from Brett Gardner and hope the pitching can keep up the good work.



posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 10, 2008   0 comments
Don't Forget...
... To vote for the 'Stache Man today! Last chance!

posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 10, 2008   2 comments
Forget the Red Sox...
Wednesday, July 09, 2008
...The Rays are the team to beat these days.

HUGE win for the Yanks today. The Rays are easily the toughest team to beat this season and the Yanks needed the series win not only to gain some ground in the standings but to prove to themselves (and us) that they've got what it takes to beat the best. The pitching was fantastic this week and while the offense could use a little perking up they still got the job done.

PS: He may have pitched well today, but how long until Ponson gets his DUI ass DFA'd? Anyone up for some betting action?

PPS: No hard feelings, SidDawg. Thanks for a solid 6 today.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 09, 2008   1 comments
Catch Up/Ketchup
Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Hello and welcome back to the world of YC posts! I am back to attack and here to discuss all the latest and greatest Yanks news once again. I apologize for the lengthy spell of post-less YC - I took a brief detour to the DL Resort and Casino. Twas poor timing, though, as I missed quite a bit of juicy topics about which I could/should have been bloggin'; let me make it up to you by offering up some YC commentary on everything I missed. Ready?

A-Rod vs Cynthia "Classy Shirt"-Rod: The celebrity drama-loving part of me is relishing every moment and every new allegation of this hoopla, though I do feel badly for the poor sap. Going through a divorce is tough enough, and a public break-up chock full of scandal is sure to mess with ones psyche. I'm having a hard time believing Cynth's claims that A-Dawg has been messing around with the Material Girl, largely because I can't believe that any rational man could be attracted to those mannish biceps the lady is sporting. Have you seen those suckers?!

Giambino and the 'Stache of Glory: The 80's pornstar 'stache continues to work its magical powers (note to Melky: grow one. Stat) as Giambi lays down base hit after base hit and even manages to not jack up plays at first base. The Yanks bigwigs have taken notice of the power of the facial hair and have launched a "Support the 'Stache" campaign encouraging us all to vote him into the final spot in the All Star Game.

Sidenote: Many thanks to Keith Hernandez and his Just for Men commercials, which have seemingly influenced Giambi to die his formerly blonde mustache a nice rich brown hue.

Melky still sucks. Sad face emoticon.

Cano, on the other hand, is heating up: His average over the past 7 games is .346 and the average is up to .252. He's still got a ways to go to boost that average up to the .300 I still think he can hit, but at least he's on his way at last.

No C.C.: The man I most wanted the Yanks to grab at the trade deadline is off the market and in a Brewers uniform. Perhaps it is for the best though, since he would have been just a half season rental or required some sort of extension, which probably wouldn't have been the best situation given his apparent propensity to overeat and eschew exercise.

Devilish Rays: The Rays continue to pretty much unstoppable. They've won 8 of their last 10 and worked a 4-game lead in the division (8.5 games ahead of the Yanks!), and at this point in the season the Yanks must be concerned about them. They're going to need a repeat of last year's second half, when they had the best record in baseball, if they want to top these guys and get to the playoffs. They've got a mini-series against them - 2 games - starting today and a sweep would be a good sign and much-needed confidence boost. What dost thou think - can they do it?

Alrighty YC friends and foes - that does it for the news wrapup. Stay tuned for a Top Ten this evening... or tomorrow.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 08, 2008   4 comments
Get it Together, MELK!
Wednesday, July 02, 2008
I mentioned yesterday that Melky has been under-achieving all season (and the second half of last season, if you're counting), and last night he showed us yet again that he's turned into little more than an above-average defensive player without much to offer at the plate. Not only is he not hitting, he's making bad decisions - like opting to swing away and ground into a DP rather than bunting the runner over last night in the bottom of the 9th (although to be fair, that could have been Girardi's stupid call and Melky was just following orders). Lets take a look at some of his numbers:
  • .196 BA as a RHB
  • .262 BA as a LHB
  • .305 OBP
  • .345 Slugging %
  • 6 Stolen Bases (and 1 caught stealing)
  • 7 Homers
  • .216 BA with RISP
  • 32 RBI
It's not a pretty picture, folks. With numbers like that, the Yanks can't even consider him to be valuable trade bait; rather than being a key part of an offer to a team he'd probably be considered to be a throw-in with a bigger star or hot prospect(s). The promotion of Brett Gardner leads me to believe that the Yanks are getting good and sick of his continued lack of contributions and are testing out a possible replacement, at least for the short term. If Gardner can get his bat going, expect Melky to be benched for a few games - or shipped off to another team.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 02, 2008   9 comments
Top Ten Tuesdays: See, I'm Still Alive
Tuesday, July 01, 2008
It's been several moons since last I updated this bloggity, and for this I wholeheartedly apologize (see how I like to pretend that you care?). I haven't been totally ignoring my team, of course - never! - but it appears as though I've missed a considerable amount of blog-worthy scoop whilst I've been working my little YC heart out and wasting time watching DVR'd episodes of Price is Right. Before I get back into the daily blogging routine I think it'd be a good idea to take a quick gander at what's been going on these past few days, and then we'll be ready to move onward and upward!

Top Ten Yankees News Tidbits

10) Trade rumors surrounding Mr. Sabbathia are still swirling. I still like the idea, though I don't know who I'd be willing to part with - or who the Indians would want. A few mediocre prospects ain't gonna cut it, obviously.
9) Cano appears to be turning a corner at last. He's finally got his average above .240 by hitting .295 during June and .455 in the last 7 games alone. Will he hit .300+ again this season? Probably not, but he'll finish at a healthy .290. Just wait.
8) His BFF, on the other hand... not so hot. The Melk Man hit just .206 in June and simply looks lost at the plate. Good thing he can still make fabulous plays in the field or we'd all be mighty irritated.
7) On that note, if Brett Gardner is effective could he prove to be in direct competition with Melky for a permanent spot in the lineup?
6) No home run derby for A-Rod, which is probably a wise decision. The Yanks couldn't withstand another injury.
5) I-Ken has made some appearances down in minors-ville, but Girardi has assured us that he'll need to "earn" his way back to the Yanks. There is no spot in the rotation reserved for him at the moment and he won't be brought back up until he's proved himself in AAA. Or until Ponson and/or Rasner proves they belong in AAA instead.
4) Sidney Ponson pitched a gem against the Mets on Friday. I can hardly believe I just typed those words. Don't expect a repeat performance, though.
3) Giambi sure is doing his best to make a case for himself to stick around for another year.
2) The Rays are 18 games over .500 and in first place in the division. Are we scared yet? Or at least placing bets?
1) A-Rod and Madonna? Please tell me this is some sort of US Magazine creation. I wont believe it until People confirms it.

Read last week's Top Ten: Weakest Links on the Top Ten Weakest Teams


posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 01, 2008   8 comments
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