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Thank You, Kate Hudson
Sunday, July 19, 2009
With the humiliation of Joe Torre's "let's all mock A-Rod" book, the steroid scandal, a divorce, getting ditched by Madonna for a teenage model, a hip cyst, and surgery that put him out of commission for a couple of months, A-Rod had a one hell of an off-season. Such turmoil could easily send even the most balanced person into a tailspin, but for a sensitive (fragile) dude like A-Rod, I must confess I would not have been surprised if all the trauma induced an emotion-fueled baseball breakdown. To be honest, I was steeling myself for an unproductive year from him.

Well, he's been back from his injury for a couple months now, and I am thrilled to have been totally wrong about his mental state and productivity! He's happy. He's smiling. High-fives with teammates abound. He looks calm, collected, relaxed. Best of all? He's doing exactly what the Yanks need him to do: hitting for power and getting on base. His average may be on the low side (.255 as of today), but that one little number is very misleading this case. Take a look at the rest of his line:

OBP: .402
SLG: .557
HR: 19 (and remember, he missed the first month of the season)
RBI: 52

So what gives? How is a man known for falling apart in the face of 3 booing fans doing so well this year when by all accounts there is far MORE stress and pressure on him now than ever (one would think that the steroids scandal in particular would be weighing heavily on his mind as he tries to prove that his success isn't solely juice-based)?

My money is on his new lady friend, Kate Hudson. Crappy chick-flicks aside, she seems like a lovely gal, and best of all has a reputation for being laid back and fun-loving, precisely the influence A-Rod so desperately needs. Let's all join together in thanking her for calming our man down - don't fuck this relationship up, A-Rod!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, July 19, 2009   10 comments
B.Q.E. o' the Week: Some Hatred from the YCD
Monday, July 13, 2009
As all you dedicated YC-readers are well aware, my daddy-o (AKA the "YCD") is a life-long and uber-dedicated fan of the Bronx Bombers. Like his dear daughter (me), the YCD is very emotionally invested in the team and has a tendency to get fired up when things aren't going well.

Like this weekend, when the Yankees stammered their way through a pathetic 3-game series of fuckupery in Anaheim. Very similar to what we saw earlier in the year when they were fucking up against the Red Sox, the Yankees appeared to be a totally different team all weekend: bad pitching, lazy defense, stupid baserunning, and a total lack of clutchtasticness (and not just A-Rod, so zip it). After such a great run throughout June and the part of July, why couldn't the Yanks get it together in Anaheim? Do they psych themselves out against their major rivals? Were they intimidated (I hope not, because the Angels are not as good as the Yankees made them look)? The whole weekend was truly maddening and honestly embarrassing for the team (and those of us who defend them).

I was discussing the series with the YCD and trying to surmise what could be the cause of the tragic display the Yanks bestowed upon us, and he had no problem identifying what he sees as the source of the team's problems:
"I hate three people right now: Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain, and Joe Girardi. I'm over Pettitte, Joba's a pussy, and I hate Joe Girardi."
I've already mentioned my concern about Joba and his troubling insistence that he was pitching his "best" lately, and no one can deny that Pettitte has been extremely disappointing this year, but I'm not sure I'm ready to be out on Girardi. Is it really his fault? What could/should he be doing differently? Convince me one way or the other in the comments section, kiddos. Are you on team YCD or still wearing your Girardi jersey?

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 13, 2009   6 comments
Jobamania Delusionmania
Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remember that annoying kid you knew growing up who always insisted they were great at something despite ever-increasing evidence to the contrary? The type of kid that could fail 10 math tests in a row and still brag about it being his best subject, or the horribly klutzy girl that kept trying out for the cheerleading squad year after year, thinking they really had a chance at making it? Their confidence was so ridiculously off-base that you couldn't help but feel bad for them while wondering what the hell their parents were telling them to convince them of their awesome-ness.

Joba is totally that guy right now.

Our dear Jobamania, whose pitching this year has continued to be ineffective at best and downright pathetic at worst, stated last night that his "stuff" and "mechanics" in his last two starts were the best he has had all season.

Read that again, and then take a gander at his line over those aforementioned last two starts:

8 IP, 18 hits, 13 runs, 7 earned runs, 2 BB, 5 K, 3 home runs.

Now, I certainly understand that it is possible to pitch well but get unlucky (bad backing defense, particularly lucky opposing hitters, etc etc), but I simply cannot agree that Joba has shown his "best" stuff recently. You know how I know this? BECAUSE I HAVE EYES AND CAN SEE THAT HE'S BEEN PITCHING HORRIBLY. Giving up 18 hits in 8 innings is not a fluke, it's an indication that your pitches are not good.

To be fair, Joba also expressed frustration and disappointment in the results of his recent outings, but to say that he feels his "stuff" was at his "best" is worrisome indeed. Confidence is important and I certainly don't want the poor kid to get too down on himself (putting immense pressure on oneself is a recipe for disaster; just ask the growing number of players on the DL for anxiety problems), but how is he going to improve (which we desperately need him to do) if he thinks that what he's been doing is his "best"?

For those counting, the Yanks are already down to 4 starters thanks to the Wangster's inability to recover from suck-itis, and 4 innings of Joba's current "best efforts" every fifth day is not helping matters. It's lovely that Joba has such faith in himself, but he's going to need to step it up to re-gain mine.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 11, 2009   3 comments
The Yanks are in First, I'm Back, What More Could You Fools Want?
Friday, July 10, 2009
Well hellooooooo there!

Greetings from the Yankees Chick! It's been a long, long time since last I updated my precious little baby (and by "precious" I mean "the first thing to get neglected whenever I am busy"), and for this I truly apologize. Contrary to popular belief, I did not "give up on the Yankees because they suck" (an accusation I've received via several delightfully borderline-unintelligible emails several times since my last post; spelling and general idiocy aside, doesn't it stand to reason that that argument would really only make sense if the Yankees did indeed suck? Whatevs) or die, I am simply suffering from too-much-to-do-itis as I am in the unfortunate position of having to work full time AND go to school full time. YOU try finding time to bitch about Chien-Ming Wang and Cheaty Ramirez after putting in a 40+ hour workweek and seemingly endless hours thereafter crying/screaming/wringing my hands trying to figure out complicated techie crap for school.

That said, I've decided to kick the blog back into gear again. I can't promise the luxury of fancy regular features like Top Ten Tuesdays and Rest o' the League Round-up (all of which were prets lame anyway, let's be honest with ourselves here), but I assure you I WILL be updating far more regularly than I have been in the first part of 2009. Seriously.

After all, there's much to catch up on, from Manny being Cheaty (and why I kind of like that he's doing well now) to Joba being boring to the glory of the Yanks and Sox battling it out for first place yet again. Meet me back here later and we'll discuss all these fabulous topics in more depth!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 10, 2009   5 comments
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