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Text update: MELK!
Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Suh-weeeet!!! Way to go, Melk-Man! Not only did he hit 2 homers (including the walk-off jack!), but he hit them from opposite sides of the plate --- an all-too-rare talent these days.
posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, April 22, 2009   5 comments
Text update: Homerific
Testing, testing, 1-2-3!! Just realized I can blog via text message (apparently I've been sleeping since 2005). Had to comment on the home run derby going on in the stadium - fluke or a sign of what we'll be seeing for the next 50 years? And is it necessarily a BAD thing? At least we've got the bats for now - ask me again in 10 years when the roster is totally different...
posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, April 22, 2009   0 comments
TONS of Silver Linings. TONS (seriously)!
Saturday, April 18, 2009
After what has proved to be a wild ride in the world of the Yanks this past week, some fans are admittedly frustrated. We've seen some truly frightening pitching, the worst of which came from the Wangster, whose performance today moved him from the "well, anyone can have one or two bad starts" category to the more critical "pardon me sir, but what the fuck is wrong with you?" status, and we're down an outfielder (I guess the Cash Man was on to something with those 13289023890 outfielders after all) thanks to Nady's elbow - but despite all this there have been plenty of great things to focus on in Yankeeville thus far this season. So forget about the game you watched today and ponder all these silver linings surrounding the bad stuff:

1) Robby Cano Dontcha Know is BACK TO ATTACK! His numbers weren't great last year, but he finished the 2008 strong and he has picked things right back up in 2009. So far he's hitting .405 with a .468 OBP, 3 homers, 2 dubs, and 8 RBI - stellar!

2) CC's opening day start really was a fluke. His subsequent two starts have been just what we were all counting on from him.

3) Nick Swisher, our "backup/utility dude", has proven himself worthy of a roster spot. Is the lifetime .240-ish hitter going to finish the season with the .371 average he's currently rocking? Of course not. But is he better than the average utility player? YES.

4) Melky is doing his damndest to stay on the team. He lost out on the starting job to Gardy, but he's not giving up - every time he gets a chance, he's making an impact.

5) Mariano is still Mariano. Every year I think "maybe this will be the year he starts to decline, he is getting pretty old..." and every year he proves me wrong. Thank you.

6) Dandy Andy Pettitte is off to a great start.

7) So is AJ - and he's managed to stay un-injured!

8) Swapping the Jeet and Damon in the lineup is already paying off - Jeet has stolen 2 bases (that ain't gonna happen on Damon's bum foot) and isn't hitting into infinite double plays!

9) A-Rod is on his way back and is in great shape. Say what you will about the man's indiscretions, frightening choice in women, etc etc: he is one hard working man and will do anything to get back in action. He's been working his cute little booty off since the moment he woke up from his hip surgery and I have every confidence that he'll be back in full effect right on schedule as planned.

Feel better yet?


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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, April 18, 2009   4 comments
Everything is Under Control
Thursday, April 09, 2009
Monday and yesterday's games were admittedly a tad disappointing pretty disastrous. The Wangster and CC didn't bring their A-game and the relievers didn't look too keen on picking up their slack; we also didn't see anything spectacular from our pricey new toy over at first base. Nevertheless, I don't think there was any need for the sheer panic I was hearing from fans, much less the glee anti-Yank crusaders were expressing. Case in point, from the comments on Monday's post:
It's Wed. and yet again the yanks are lossing in the 5th 7-1. It's going to be a long year if your a Yankee fan. The best last place team money can buy. They spent 180 million a un-tested first baseman who is now 0 for 6 (hitless and clueless) 161 million on a pitcher who couldn't get one K in his first outing. Time to fire Girardi?????
First, the Yanks were losing, not lossing. Second... IT WAS THE SECOND GAME! I try to judge players on a larger sample size than, say, 5 innings. Third, since when is Tex "un-tested" - I'd say six seasons of experience is a decent "test". Finally, what does Girardi have to do with this? He had nothing to do with the contracts any of these guys received and can't force CC to throw strikes (unless I'm mistaken and he is indeed a puppet master).

Sheesh. Had this stressed-out commenter not posted anonymously, I would have contacted him and/or her directly to issue some soothing words.

Luckily, the Yanks took care of that for me by playing a fabulous game today. In case you missed it, here's the highlights:
  • Final score: 11-2
  • Burnout's line: 5.1 IP, 7 hits, 2 ER, 1 BB, 6 K
  • Coke, Veras, Bruney, and Mo combined for 3.2 scoreless/hitless/walkless innings
  • Homers from Tex, Cano, and Swisher
  • Stolen base for Gardy
  • Molina threw out a potential base-stealer
  • Cano was 3-4 (I told you last year was an anomaly!)
So seriously: simmer down. Everything will be just fine.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, April 09, 2009   6 comments
I Pity You New Yorkers...
Monday, April 06, 2009
...who are doomed to pass by infinite newsstands tomorrow featuring the NY Post, whose cover will surely lambaste poor CC.

What will it be? C-See Ya Later? CC Sucksbathia? Post your guess in the comments. Best one wins a prize!

Aside from the pitching, the game wasn't that bad. Jorgie, who I consider to be our biggest question mark, came through with a sweet homer, and Gardner showed off why he earned that centerfield gig with a huge assist to gun down Mora at the plate. As for CC, he'll be just fine - everyone is entitled to a bad start every now and then, it's just unfortunate his had to come today.

The good news is that the Orioles have nothing after Guthrie. See you Wednesday, O's!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, April 06, 2009   9 comments
Kick it off With a Bang!
Friday, April 03, 2009
muchismas gracias to ESPN, from whom I procured this glorious pic

The Yanks are back in the Bronx, but things were a little different from the last time they played at home. No A-Rod, Tex-Mex at first, new pitchers in the clubhouse, and, oh yeah - a new stadium!

The new Yankee Stadium opened its doors to fans today at last as the Yanks played the Cubs (why?) in an exhibition game, the first of two to be held at the new stadium before the Yanks head to Baltimore to open the season (again: why?). The lineup was quite a bit different than last year, with the Jeet leading off, and Texixeixeioxioewxioa in the 3-spot (Abre-who?), but these kiddos were hitting as if they'd been batting this way for years. The bats were on fire: Jeter did exactly what you'd expect him to do by grabbing the first hit in the new stadium's history (Ken Burns has already filmed a lovely yet slightly creepy retrospective on the moment, I'm sure), Gardner and Melky each had a hit (I think Girardi was seriously onto something by forcing those two to compete for jobs; A+ to him for that stroke of genius), Matsui hit a homer, Cody Ransom did his best A-Rod impersonation with a homer of his own, and Cano continued his fabulous spring with a homer himself. The Wangster didn't do so hot - 5 IP, 6 hits, 4 ER - but we did get to see Mo, Veras, Ramirez, and Albaladejo each pitch hitless innings!

Today's game may not have "counted", but it sure did provide an excellent glimpse into what this team is capable of. As I said the other day about CC, I cannot fathom this team NOT succeeding - I'll bet a burrito on the division title right now. Let's get crazy.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, April 03, 2009   2 comments
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