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11th Hour Trades: Craig Wilson Comes to New York, Maddux to Dodgers, and More!
Monday, July 31, 2006
Left: A man likely not on drugs. Right: A man likely under the influence of 1-4 illegal substances.

The Nationals may have (stupidly) held on to Soriano, but there were still plenty of other trades going down right up to the 4pm EST deadline. None of the deals were necessarily blockbusters, but the mid-season shake-up that the frenzy of trade-deadline transactions brings is always exciting!

After Cashman and Steinbrenner sent 4 minor leaguers to Phillie to bring a big bat in Bobby Abreu and a 4th starter in Cory Lidle to New York, I assumed they were done tweaking the Yankees’ roster. Alas, the Pirates came a-knockin’ and the Yanks were able to make one more adjustment before the deadline passed. The Yanks and Pirates reached a deal that will bring outfielder/1st baseman Craig Wilson into New York and send constantly stoned-looking Shawn Chacon packing to Pittsburgh. Wilson, who is hitting .267 with 13 homers and 41 RBIs this year, is experienced both in the outfield and at first base, and will probably be taking over for Andy Phillip at 1st base to free Jason Giambi up for full-time DH duty.

Also of note is the fact that the Red Sox made no moves today, choosing instead to hold onto their prospects. This bodes exceptionally well for the Yankees, who are hovering just a half game behind the Sox. Aaron Guile has already been busted down to AAA to make room for the new acquisitions, and either Bubba Crosby or Nick Greene will be joining him soon, leaving nothing but a lean, mean Yankees lineup for the rest of the league to contend with.

Other Notable Trades:

Dodgers and Cubs
Future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux (right, in toy form [that figurine costs $140, by the way]) and his 81 strike-outs will join Brad Penny and Derek Lowe on the Dodgers, and the Cubs will make use of Gold Glove infielder Cesar Izturis’ defensive skills.

Dodgers and Devil Rays
The Dodgers shipped 2 prospects, Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza, off to Tampa Bay in exchange for infielder Julio Lugo. Guzman, who has played all over the infield as well as left field, is hitting .297 in AAA this year, and outfielder Pedroza was a 3rd round draft pick for the Dodgers last year. The Dodgers scored with Lugo, though, who is hitting .308 with 12 home runs this year.

Padres and Cubs
Infielder Todd Walker will join the Padres to assist Blum and Bellhorn in filling in the gap left by Vinny Castilla (who was released on July 19). In return, the Padres sent minor league RHP Jose Ceda to Chicago.

Mets and Pirates
The Mets’ set-up man, former Dodger Duaner Sanchez, suffered a shoulder injury yesterday when a cab he was riding in got hit by a drunk driver. He was a vital piece of the Mets’ success this year, and they acted fast to replace him today. Roberto Hernandez (left...and yes, he is indeed 73 years old), who pitched out of the bullpen for the Mets last year, and 24-year-old starter Oliver Perez, will join the Mets, and outfielder Xavier Nady will head to Pittsburg.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 31, 2006   3 comments
It’s Official: Yanks Trade Prospects for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle
Sunday, July 30, 2006
With just 24 hours of trading time left, the Yankees and the Phillies were finally able to hammer out a long-rumored deal to bring Abreu to the Bronx. In exchange for the OBP-extraordinaire Abreu and better-than-Ponson Lidle, the Yanks sent the Phillies 4 minor leaguers.

Trade Details

The Cost:

C.J. Henry (SS). Henry was the Yanks 1st round draft pick last year, but was only hitting .237 with 2 home runs and 33 RBIs in Class A this year.

Jesus Sanchez (C). With the Gulf Coast League Yankees (sub Class A), he was hitting .264 and just 10 RBIs.

Carlos Monasterios (RHP). He played with Sanchez for the GCL Yanks this year and posted a 2.97 ERA in 7 games, including 3 starts.

Matt Smith (LHP). Easily the biggest talent the Yankees lost in the deal, Smith appeared 12 times for the Yanks this year without allowing a run and had a 2.08 ERA out of the bullpen in AAA.

Money: The Yankees agreed to take complete responsibility for Abreu’s hefty contract. Abreu is due $22 million for the remainder of the 2006 season and the 2007 season; the Phillies paid him $1.5 million to waive his no-trade clause. Lidle is in the last year of his contract, which allotted him $3.3 million for 2006. The Yanks will pay Lidle the remainder of that $3.3 million.

The Return:

Cory Lidle (RHP). The 36-year-old may not be the most dominating pitcher in the league, but he has been very consistent over the years and should provide the Yanks with a much-needed steady arm at the back end of their rotation.

Bobby Abreu (OF).
Abreu has been having a good 2006 season, and the good news is that he’s posted great numbers his entire career. His OBP is 3rd-best in the league, and he can hit for both average and power.

The Reward:

Adding Abreu’s impressive OBP and RBIs to the lineup is just what the doctor ordered to give the Yanks the boost they need to overtake the division. Baseball Prospectus speculates that the Yankees will win 1.5 extra games over the course of the remainder of the season with Abreu in the lineup, and while Lidle may not be the ace Yankees fans were hoping Cashman would find, his consistency will certainly offer more stability and innings pitched than could Ponson or Chacon.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, July 30, 2006   4 comments
Stinnett DFA; Sal Fasano Steps In to Fill Second-Rate Catcher Position
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
"I'm sorry, Stinnett, this relationship is just not going to work out. It's not you, it's me. I've found someone else, and he has a curly mullet and an awesome mustache. "

After 34 games with a .228 batting average and an incredible 29 strike-outs (that’s 37% of the times he stepped up to the plate, folks – to put that in perspective, A-Rod has struck out 24% of the time, and he’s having a rough year), the Yanks decided that things just weren’t going to work out with Kelly Stinnett. I’m not exactly sure what expectations the Yanks were holding for a 36-year-old man whose best complete-season batting average was .259, but apparently Stinnett did not live up to them. The love affair officially ended this morning with the Yankees DFA-ing Stinnett and sending minor league infielder Hector Made to Philly in favor of Phils’ cast-off Sal Fasano. Sally, as I shall affectionately call him until he inevitably disappoints even those of us with the lowest expectations, has had a slightly better year than Stinnett, hitting .243 with 8 doubles and 4 homers in 50 games (and only struck out 33% of the time!). Offensive mediocrity aside, Sally actually has a good reputation as a catcher; he had considerable success in his many years in the minors and is known for being helpful to young pitchers (a trait not as useful to the Yankees' mostly retirement-age pitching staff). He will likely prove to be a marginal improvement over Stinnett, and every RBI or attempted stealer caught is going to be valuable in the Yanks' race to take over 1st place in the AL East.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 26, 2006   1 comments
Yankees Chick Mailbag!
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Each week the Yankees Chick receives scores (and by “scores”, I mean “a few”) of correspondence via email and various forums. These little notes run the gamut from simple nods of agreement to cynical castigation of my baseball knowledge, and I treasure them all like love notes sent from a 7th grade boyfriend. With the lack of trades being made and little desire to lament further over the haggard bullpen and bulging disabled list, I thought today would be a good time to share the epistolary affection with you darlings.


I'm pretty sure that people that think of questions like this one would be better off jumping on the first girl to proposition him than waiting for one with the proper jersey to come along - - it could be a long wait.

"Hey Yankees Chick,

One of my readers at [insert g0sawxxxx blog here] sent me an email question recently that I was hoping you could help me with. (BTW I did a search on google of Yankees Small and your site popped up)...The reader asked 'What would be worse: a male Red Sox fan (having sex with) a female Yankoff fan or a male Yankoff fan (having sex with) a female Red Sox fan? I have to say the latter is much worse. The thought of a Boston girl (servicing) a douchebag Yankoff fan makes me want to puke, meanwhile if I was nailing a (dirty girl) who actually cheers for those (homosexuals) I could at least do her from behind!'"


I'm 99% sure this was sent in by Mark Gruidzelandiouwerkld and Doug Mienkeciqoieurksadlkz3e.

"Dear YC,

The Royals are going to kick your Yankee butts when Jeter and team come to Kaufman stadium. I'll have my brooms ready."


When I look for a man, I look for a good lifeless stare.

"Dear Yankees Chick,

It's interesting to me that if you read the blogs and opinions of the people who don't live in NY they all support him [A-Rod] so much. But then you go to a game and 50,000 New York fans boo him mercilessly. You ever watch him when it REALLY counts. when it really really counts. look at his eyes, they have the same dead stare as when he's up in the 1st inning of a 0-0 game. he lacks the ability to elevate his game, he lacks that killer instinct that every great player needs. he has no heart. Not that i'm taking anything away from what happened the other night but he hit that against a struggling team and a not so great pitcher. those kinds of hits are the norm for ortiz but extraodinary for arod.


The fact that the link he gave me didn’t work pretty much ruined my week. And I actually hate to make fun of this, because it might have been cool...but without a link I have to assume the worst.

"Hello. My name is [Yankees fan]. I am a sports song singer/songwriter and a longtime Yankees fan. I have written and recorded a song about the Yankees called "Yankee Tradition". I set it to a slideshow and it is available at:

[dead link]

I hope you like it!"


At least I have 1 rad thing going for me, that’s all anyone can really aspire to.

"Yankees Chick:

The only thing I like about it and you is that you live in an awesome town. Encinitas is rad. You are lame."


This fine gent was laying down the reasons why I would name my site “Yankees Chick”. He hit the nail on the head with his 3rd guess.

"I am gonna guess 3 reasons:

1- to try to get other women to the site

2- try to impress guys that a girl knows about sports, or at least appears to

3- give him/her/it an excuse to be able to make comments about how cute someone is or comment about what they were wearing"


I hope you enjoyed that little peak into my treasure trove of well-wishes and hate mail. Here's to hoping tomorrow brings pleasant news on the Yankees front!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 25, 2006   2 comments
Injury Update: Hope You All Love Cairo and Farnsworth!
Saturday, July 22, 2006
Another day, another game, and the ax continues to grind deeper into the Yankees’ collective soul. Dotel, a man whose arm could be just what the Yanks’ bullpen needs to propel the team into the post-season, and Cano (left, and I apologize for reminding you what a good offensive 2nd baseman looks like), whose bat has been dearly missed in the lineup, are both going to be hanging out on the disabled list for a bit longer than anyone would like.

Tommy-John recoveree Dotel—who we were originally told would “hopefully” be able to join the Yankees in late June—pitched 1 inning for the Trenton Thunder last week before complaining of soreness and tenderness in his healing arm. Had Tuesday’s start gone well for him, Dotel would have joined the Yanks in Toronto this weekend. Torre, ever the cool customer, said it just wasn’t “meant to be”, but as for the Yankees Chick, who is getting fed up with all of these setbacks and even more fed up with every run that Farnsworth or Proctor gives up, she’s ready to give him a hypodermic full of cortisone and shove him toward the mound.

The other wounded Yank who was supposed to rejoin the lineup this week, Cano, also had a rough week. His strained hamstring didn’t sound like too devastating an injury when it occurred almost a month ago—the Yanks weren’t even sure if he needed to go to the DL at all at first—but he has not healed well at all. He’s missed 20 games now, and the latest optimistic date for his return is August 1st. In his absence, Cairo has taken over the 2nd base post, and his work has been far inferior to our boy Cano’s. Cairo (right, playing defense, the only aspect of his game we're glad to have) is hitting a dismal .247, and his OBP is a very weak .283; he’s also only knocked in 19 runs. Compare that to the .325 Robby was hitting before his injury and his 27 RBIs—in roughly the same number of at-bats—and you can see why his presence is dearly missed.

Now before you get too sad about the state of the Yankees’ injured crew, there is some encouraging news on the conditions of Matsui and Sheffield. Both of their wrist surgeries went well, and Matsui’s doctor has reported that his bones fused “perfectly”. As soon as a bit of muscular pain (which is normal, according to the docs) subsides he’ll be ready to start swinging a bat again, and he is aiming for a mid-August return. As for Shef, his cast is coming off this week, putting him one step closer to a pinstriped return.

As of today, the Yanks are still a game and a half behind the Red Sox. With just 66 games left on the season, the swift return of Cano, Shef, Matsui and Dotel could literally mean the difference between a trip to the post-season or an October of golf.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 22, 2006   1 comments
Pack Your Bags, Farnsworthless: Dotel is Pitching a Rehab Start Tomorrow
Monday, July 17, 2006
Yeah, you heard me right, this is they guy I want out there instead of Farnsworthless

Octavio Dotel has been tough to find this year. To be honest, I was beginning to forget that he was even a part of the team. But after watching Kyle Farnsworthless give up yet another run during Sunday’s game—that’s 20 so far this year, in only 41.1 innings—I remembered that the Yankees are sitting on some potential pitching gold in Dotel…if he can just get his arm in working condition.

The Yankees did a little gambling when they decided to sign Dotel last year; he has a history of excellent pitching before he blew his elbow out, but his June 2005 Tommy John surgery made the rest of his career a question mark. The Yanks picked him up for a song, though, and have been crossing their fingers that his elbow would heal enough for them to exploit his pitching prowess in time to edge out the Red Sox for the division title.

All that finger-crossing and pagan sacrificing (shh, don’t tell) on the Yankees’ part may have finally paid off: Dotel is set to pitch for the Trenton Thunder tomorrow night, a huge step in his rehab process. If he pitches well tomorrow, he could realistically be ready for a pinstriped appearance within a week.

And not to get too far ahead of myself…but if he does come back soon, and if he pitches well in relief for the Yanks…perhaps I would then be able to convince Steinbrenner that my dream of trading Farsworthless to the Royals in exchange for some of their delicious bbq would be a truly lucrative move!
posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 17, 2006   5 comments
Sidney Ponson and His DUI Trifecta Join the Yankees
Friday, July 14, 2006
Cashman has had his heart broken by his pitching staff more than a few times this year. Small, who played a huge role in pushing the Yankees on top of the Red Sox in the AL East last year, proved to be such a huge disappointment that he had to be busted down to AAA after 11 appearances this year. The other guy responsible for much of the Yankees success in the 2nd half of the 2005 season, Shawn Chacon, has also been a disaster this year, and had to be shifted to the bullpen to minimize the damage he was doing (he was averaging 1.24 hits per inning pitched and walked more batters than he struck out). And don’t forget about Pavano (left, dumbfounded as to how to explain his most recent injury), who continues to defy all laws of physiology by sustaining repeated buttock injuries and hasn’t pitched a single inning for the Yankees this year.

Alas, what’s a GM to do when his team is in 2nd place and in dire need of pitching in a market where available pitchers are few and (extremely) far between? Pick up a DFA’d pitcher with a strong history of alcohol abuse and a moderate history of major league success, of course!

Sidney Ponson (right, looking hopefully into the stands for the Budweiser vendor), who is more well-known for his run-ins with breathalyzers than for his work on the pitching mound, has joined the Yanks and will likely make his first start next Tuesday. Despite the arrests and his 6.21 ERA last year with the Orioles, signing Ponson actually may turn out to be a decent deal for the Yankees. In 13 starts for the Cardinals this season, he held a 4.52 ERA, which, while not stellar, is still better than the job Chacon and Small were doing. Since the Yanks picked up after the Cards had designated him for assignment, they are only required to pay him the minimum MLB salary ($316,000)—prorated, of course—making his signing a very low-risk deal. If he can just lay off the sauce and keep his ERA under 5.00, he may be able to help keep the Yankees in the running for the post-season.

If not, perhaps the Yankees can get him drunk and have him distract the Red Sox with some erratic driving through Fenway long enough to knock them out of 1st place.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 14, 2006   5 comments
It's All-Star Break Catch-Up Time!
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
The Yankees Chick may have been on vacation last week, but the Yankees were working overtime. Let’s make use of the brief reprieve in the onslaught of news to bring ourselves up to speed on the Bombers’ status.

AL East Standings: The Yanks may have won 6 of their last 10 games—and scored 56 runs during those games—but they are still 3 games out of 1st place in their division. Those pesky Red Sox are hanging on to their 1st place rank with a death-grip. The Yanks will face the White Sox, Seattle, and Toronto after the break while the Red Sox battle Oakland, Kansas City and Seattle, so the Yanks better hope the White Sox are hungover from the vacation so they can gain some ground.

Cano a No-Go: Robby (right, with his in-need-of-a-trainer trainer) is still being bothered by his bum hamstring. He has been rehabbing in Tampa, and while the injury hasn’t gotten any worse it is not healing as fast as he would like. Cano is frustrated that he hasn’t been able to return to his post at 2nd base just yet, but his trainer has reassured Torre that Cano will be just fine in time.

Damon Down: A sore oblique muscle (you may be familiar with this muscle, it is the one that feels sore your daily set of 1,000 side-bends) sidelined Damon for 4 games last week. He won’t need to spend any time on the over-populated Yankees disabled list, luckily, and should be back to centerfield throwing balls to a cutoff man 20-feet infront of him after the break.

Nick Green: With Cano on the DL, terminal minor-leaguer Green (left- that man's name is Nick Green and he appeared on page 1 of my Google image search. He is cooler than the Nick Green on the Yankees) has been splitting 2nd base time with Miguel Cairo. He hit a homer off the Mets’ Soler last weekend, but other than that he hasn’t been much more than a forgettable D-list fill-in. He shall forever be known as “that guy that hit a home run against the Mets that one time”

Chacon is Cha-gone: His frightening 4-3, 6.71 ERA line—0-2 and 12.11 since returning from the DL in June—has finally caused him to be booted from the starting rotation. Torre has allegedly been disappointed with Chacon’s “work ethic” and bad attitude (although he hasn’t punched any walls yet), but he said that he does think that there is still potential for Chacon to help the Yankees win. He’s been shifted to the bullpen for the immediate future, and Kris Wilson has been called up from AAA Columbus to be the 5th starter. Wilson pitched for the Royals with marginal success from 2000-2003 and in his first 4.2 innings with the Yanks allowed 5 hits and 3 earned runs. The Yanks are hoping that 29-year-old Wilson can do what Small did for the Yanks in 2005, but I doubt that the genie in a bottle that temporarily transformed Small from a sub-par reliever to a 10-0 starter last year is hanging around the Yankees dugout this year.

Ron Villone AKA My Recent Hero: Ronnie is rockin' a 2.27 ERA on the year and has allowed just 6 ER in his last 17 innings of relief work. He pitched beautifully against the Mets last weekend; he pitched 2 scoreless innings after a long rain delay (right, in case you were wondering what a rain delay looks like) on June 30th and then allowed just 1 run in 3 innings after coming in to mop up Jaret Wright’s mess in the 2nd inning last Sunday.

All-Star Game: Jeter and A-Rod will both be starting in the infield for the Ozzie Guillen’s American League team tonight in Pittsburgh, and Mariano will be closing the game out. Cano was also voted to the team, the first time for him, but with his aforementioned hamstring injury he won’t be able to participate. Tune in to the game tonight at 8pm EST--- the winning side earns home-field advantage for their league’s World Series team.

I believe that just about catches us up. I’m glad to be home, and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be writing about a lot of Yankees wins in the 2nd half of the season!

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 11, 2006   5 comments
Yankees Chick is in New York
Monday, July 03, 2006
Hello from the manzana grande, mis amigos! Your Yankees Chick flew into JFK last week to take in the series with the Mets, and I've been living it up here in the NYC. I had a great time at the games and have many fine pictures and tales to post, which I will do within the next couple days...just as soon as I can take a reprieve from my daily schedule of eating, shopping, and feeding goats in Central Park (be jealous!).
posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 03, 2006   3 comments
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