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I Hope You Didn't Buy that Gagne Yanks Jersey Yet
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The trade deadline has officially passed, and unfortunately the 2007 trading era was not very thrilling for the Yanks. As much as a guy like Gagne or Teixiera could have helped the team and their (albeit relatively unlikely) bid for a post-season spot, I am much more upset about the fact that the Yanks didn’t manage to ditch any dead weight than I am disappointed about them not scoring an arm or a bat. After seeing Posada’s obvious disgust towards Farnsworthless this weekend, I held out hope that perhaps the Cash Man would amp up his efforts to pawn the man off on some even more desperate team, but apparently every other team has either had the misfortune of meeting him – which surely would cause even the most war-hardened front office folks to shake their heads ‘no’ after just 5 minutes in his presence – or just couldn’t afford our asking price of one roll of nickels. There were also vague rumors of Seattle being interested in Kei Igawa, but someone must have shown them footage of his pitching, because nothing came from that, either.

Lest you wallow in your sorrows too much, let me assure you that a trade was made today, as Dr. Scott “Please Torre Don’t Put Me In, My Arm Is Literally About to Detach From My Shoulder And Then Fall to the Ground in Flames” Proctor was traded to the Dodgers in exchange for utility man Wilson “Say My Last Name Really Fast, It Is Fun” Betemit. This decidedly anticlimactic move won’t really make much of a difference for the team (although it does essentially eliminate the possibility of another glove bonfire, unfortunately) this year, but it has caused some people to speculate that perhaps Betemit has been brought in as A-Rod’s replacement at third base in the likely event that he goes off in search of greener pastures after the season. Considering Betemit’s entirely un-A-Rod-like numbers and the amount of cash we all know Big Stein has at his disposal on can only hope that the Yankees have ever intention of locking up A-Rod as soon as the season is over, regardless of the price, and that their dreams for Betemit include nothing more than Cairo-esque utility work. Please.


posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 31, 2007   5 comments
Multimediatastic Sunday
Sunday, July 29, 2007
It's a very exciting day in YankeesChick-ville, particularly for those of you who do lack the motivation or advanced brain function required for reading. First off, take a gander at my latest installment of Yankeeschickography, during which I run down the latest in Yankees trade rumors.

As if that video excitement wasn't enough, my weekly chatfest on Free The Fan Radio is being amped up a notch this week. Rather than my usual Yankees update at the end of the show, I will be in the studio tonight along with Trey from domewright.com for a rematch of our ill-fated trivia contest - and this time, biased Mets-loving host Mike Silva will not be the judge. And finally, at the end of the show, stay tuned for Mike's interview with one of everyone's faves, Scott Brosius! The show airs from 9-11pm EST, and you can listen right here or at 1240 AM's site.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, July 29, 2007   4 comments
Do You Know What Time It Is?!
Saturday, July 28, 2007
That's right babycakes, it's time for another rockin' rendition of "Rest of the League Roundup!" As always, I will limit my updates to 10 words per team - because I love me a challenge (and don't have much to say about some of these folks). Onward!

AL East
It aint over till the fat lady sings. Or till the Yankees are so far behind we all give up hope.
Boston (63-40): Can't you at least pretend to be nervous?
(51-51): Need another Canadian team to wallow with.
Baltimore (48-54): You are very good at hitting with RISP.
Tampa Bay (38-64): Hitching your wagon to Rocco's star was a great idea.

AL Central Don't be too confident about taking the wildcard spot just yet!
Detroit (60-43): Sheff hurt again. Totally didn't ever use steroids.
Cleveland (60-43): Busted Lee down to minors, acquired Lofton. Grady still dreamy.
Minnesota (51-51): Players not motivated because new stadium won't have roof.
Chicago (47-56): Ozzie is a genius and a gentleman to boot!
Kansas City (45-57): You beat the Yanks once, so I guess I can't mock.

AL West Please add another team. I can't get over it.
Los Angeles (60-42): Proving sluggers aren't necessary with every stolen base.
Seattle (56-46): We won't let you to win wildcard. Seriously.
Oakland (49-55): Donde esta senor Beane?
Texas (46-57): I will give you one Farsworthless in exchange for one Texiera.

NL East Don't worry, your bet on the Mets is holding up after all
New York (57-45): Pedro is Pavano of the Mets, except he was good once.
Atlanta (54-50): Pardon me, are you interested in our Demon?
Philadelphia (53-49): With Iguchi, at least they can sell ads to Japan.
Florida (48-56): Hey, remember when you won 2 World Series? Me too.
Washington (44-58): Young is on my fantasy team. That's all I can say.

NL Central Only one of you has a home run slide.
Milwaukee (57-46): Still the feel-good underdogs of the year. Also, slide!!!!
Chicago (53-48): Your "curse" shant be reversed in 2007. Lo siento muchachos.
St. Louis (46-53): How did you win the World Series? You're not good.
Houston (45-58): Hey, remember when you played at Enron Field? Good times.
Cincinnati (45-59): Good news: Griffey is gold. Bad news: You suck.
Pittsburgh (42-59): At least you have a badass mascot.

NL West Does anyone else tend to forget about this division?
Los Angeles (57-46): Still playing better than they are, methinks. Fear not, Padres.
Arizona (57-48):Trouble in snakeville - minor leaguer suspended and Unit dunzo.
San Diego (55-47): Boy, boosting the offense with Barrett and Bradley sure helped!!!
Colorado (51-51): Bosox interested in Helton. Ha!!!!
San Francisco (44-57): For the love of Bonds, just break it already.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 28, 2007   3 comments
Y'all Come Back Now (Except You, Pavano)
Thursday, July 26, 2007
The Yankees are riding a six-game winning streak, courtesy of the staggering 70 runs the Yankees have put on the board over the course of those 6 games (and don't give me that "well they scored against crappy teams" shit; a hot offense is a glorious sight to behold and an undeniably positive sign for the team) and solid pitching from just about every pitcher from the Wangster to Vizcaino (and again, don't even think about coming back at me with some "well the Royals offense sucks so who cares" mumbo-jumbo, because allowing a mere 19 runs over 54 innings is quite a feat for the Yanks staff to pull off), and by all accounts spirits are high in the clubhouse, too. Their performance of late has given us plenty of reason to continue holding out hope for a post-season appearance, but there’s still a lot of ground to make up and the Yanks are going to need all the help they can get to make it through the next couple months. Injuries have been a colossal hindrance all year (and not just Carl Pavano, although he remains the irrefutable champion) - causing constant lineup shifts and rotation shuffles - and I maintain that if not for the injuries there most certainly would not be a 6.5 game gap between the Yanks and the BoSox. That’s the bad news. The good news is that several of our fallen troops are healing up and will be on the road back to Yankee-ville in plenty of time to make an impact on the team and hopefully contribute to a post-season run. Let’s take a census of the residents of Disabled List Road and see who is rehabbing and who is in a laying in a nursing home bed in a full-body cast, being fed mashed bananas by a Red Cross volunteer (I’ll give you a hint: Pavano must die.):*

Philly Hughes: He’s pitched 4 rehab games now, and each with success. His most recent start was a 6-inning outing during which he struck out 7 and allowed no runs. His strained hamstring and ankle (which he busted up while he was rehabbing from the hamstring problem… convenient) seem to have healed up beautifully. All signs point to an August return for the boy, and since he’s finally 21 he can go out and celebrate with the big kids after he pitches a no-hitter.

Jeff Karstens: It’s been almost 3 months since AL LVP (least valuable player, obv) Julio Lugo smacked a line drive right into Karsten’s leg and broke his fibula, and it looks like he may finally be able to pitch again. He’s pitched a couple good games in AA and AAA and could be ready to join the Yankees again at some point late in the season, possibly in the bullpen.

Jason Giambi: Be forewarned, folks who enjoy defense: he’s on his way back, possibly as early as the next week or so. Hopefully Andy Phillips will keep himself handcuffed to first base so that Giambi can be kept far, far, away from it.

Doug Mientkicantspellhisname: The beating he took at the cruel hands (or knee) of Mike Lowell back in June was pretty brutal, and it is taking him a while to get back on track. Since Cairo and now Phillips have been doing so well defensively in his stead and Dougie is even worse offensively then Cairo, he is really not missed too much in the lineup. However, I do love the man, and he clearly loves playing, so I root for his return.

Carl Pavano: He is currently laying in a nursing home bed in a full-body cast, being fed mashed bananas by a Red Cross volunteer.

As for me, I am injury-free and ready for the post-season.

*FYI, that paragraph contained 315 words, 4 parenthetical references, 9 commas, and not one disparaging remarks about the Red Sox.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Thursday, July 26, 2007   6 comments
NOT NIEVES! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!
Monday, July 23, 2007
With just 65 games left to play and 9 days before the no-trade deadline, the Cash Man and his gang are keenly aware that each spot on the Yanks' roster is a vital resource that cannot be wasted (like oil, or my love). We've seen many a player jump on and off that roster this year, from Tyler Clippard to poor Chase Wright, but with the exception of the signing of the Rocket, all the roster moves this year had been intra-club promotions and demotions. Now that the Yankees are playing like they might actually have a chance in hell at getting to the post-season (7.5 games out, my babies!), though, the Yanks decided that it would be in their best interest to execute a major blockbuster trade to help their cause. Unfortunately, by "major blockbuster trade", I really mean "deal that will make you scratch your head and think 'Who? Oh yeah, I've heard of him'".

While the Yankees were beating up on the bedraggled Devil Rays during Saturday's doubleheader, Big Stein was hard at work concoting a deal with the head honchos over at the Angels' headquarters, arranging for minor league pitcher Jeff Kennard to be shipped to Anaheim in exchange for backup catcher Jose Molina (brother of MLB catchers Yadier and Bengie.... I guess the family only had catching gloves to practice with?). Clearly this is not a trade on a scale as grand as the deal that brought us Roger "You Thought I Was Old Then?!" Clemens in 1999 or Alex "Texas Truly Makes The Worst Deals Ever" Rodriguez in 2004, but this little mini-trade does address one of the Yanks' primary roster concerns. Jorgie Boy is in the midst of what could end up being the best season of his career, but he is getting old (in catcher years, which are similar to dog years) and having a serviceable backup catcher available will be vital to keeping Jorgie in tip-top condition. Molina has played 70+ games in each of the last 3 seasons, so he will hopefully be able to catch a game or 2 each week to give Posada a rest, and he already knows Jorgie from playing winter ball down in Puerto Rico, so he already has an ally on the team. The only bad news about this trade is that the addition of Molina made dear little Wil Nieves obsolete, and he was DFA as soon as the deal was final. Sure, Molina's stellar .237 lifetime batting average trumps Nieves's (.161 in 63 games), but I can't imagine that Molina will be as fun to cheer for - that RBI double Wil hit on Saturday brought more smiles to the dugout than we've seen all year!


posted by Yankees Chick @ Monday, July 23, 2007   1 comments
29 Teams. 10 Words Each. Thrills? UNLIMITED.
Saturday, July 21, 2007
This is the third time I've done this little round-up now, and I must say that I quite enjoy it. Few things make the Yankees Chick giddier with glee than pointing out the failures of other teams, and while these rest-of-the-league reports are not all negative, the challenge of cramming everything I want to complain about or pronounce jealousy of in just 10 words provides me a thrill rivaled only by the likes of a Wil Nieves RBI double.

AL East So you're saying we have a chance
Boston (58-39): Faltering finally? Please falter.
Toronto (47-50): Their injury list makes my hamstring sore and ankles swell.
Baltimore (43-53): Bedard is good at least! Consolation?
Tampa Bay (38-59): Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, bad bullpen

AL Central Fine, just TAKE the wildcard spot.
Detroit (58-37): Sheff still hitting. I guess his bat likes black people.
Cleveland (57-40): Grady Sizemore sure is dreamy!
Minnesota (51-46): Eclipsed by Indians, Tigers. Mauer still rockin' my fantasy team.
Chicago (43-53): Well on their way to finishing at bottom of division.
Kansas City (42-54): Congratulations - you're better than the Devil Rays!

AL West Didn't I warn you to add another team?!
Los Angeles (56-40): Shaky since losing to the Yanks. You're welcome, Seattle.
Seattle (54-40): Signed their life away to keep Ichiro. No mas dinero.
Oakland (46-51): Unlike Padres, A's can't win without offense.
Texas (42-55): Good job trading Chris Young away.

NL East are you getting just a little bit nervous about that bet you placed on the Mets?
New York (54-43): Watch your back. Better start hitting.
Atlanta (52-46): Could give Mets competition. Or fail at end of season.
Philadelphia (49-48): Congratulations on 23490234092332 losses!
Florida (47-51): Buncha hoodlums.
Washington (41-56): There is no team I know LESS about. I'm sorry.

NL Central it really does irritate me that there are 6 teams
Milwaukee (54-43): I am so jealous of that home run slide.
Chicago (51-45): I'm not sold on that Soriano deal yet. HOWEVER... wildcard?
St. Louis (44-50): How did you win the World Series? You're not good.
Pittsburgh (41-55): No hope, now or in foreseeable future.
Houston (41-56): See above.
Cincinnati (41-57): See above.

NL West Who woulda guessed this division would be so fun to watch?
Los Angeles (55-43): Like the BoSox, playing better than they are. Will fail.
San Diego (53-43): Never seen a team so successful with such bad offense.
Arizona (51-48):New uniforms seem to have boosted morale. Definitely less vomitous!
Colorado (49-48): Thank god the Helton-to-Yankees rumors have died down!
San Francisco (41-54): Bonds: GET IT OVER WITH. ESPN's "countdown" making me ill.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Saturday, July 21, 2007   4 comments
Demon Damon Demon Once More!
Friday, July 20, 2007
If you are an avid or even casual Yankees Chick devotee (accidentally clicking on my link when perusing the results from your "I have an ugly chick fetish" Google search does not count; unless, of course, that wayward visit to my site turned you on and you now check back obsessively for more content), you are most likely familiar with my assortment of Yankee enemies. Carl Pavano tops that list, although to be honest I have become so intrigued by his injury-prone mystique that my sentiment has migrated from hatred to a near bemused affection, and I have never felt anything but malice towards Mr. Farnsworthless, but the latest addition to my list of folks that have embittered me and induced feelings of both disgust and sheer disappoint is a man I actually came to like in 2006. It is Johnny Damon of whom I speak, and I regret to inform you all that I am officially out on the former Bostonian... again.

Like any good Yankees fan or woman with discernible taste, I mocked the man mercilessly while he was a Red Sock/Sox (that is an un-singularable word). I didn't deny his talent or value to his team - even when it comes to the enemy, I do my very best to remain a realist - but I found his apparent inability to operate a razor and seemingly cocky attitude quite grating. I was against the signing from the start, and not because of his hideous hair - simply because I believed that his defense was worthless and the Yanks could do much better with their money. I was right, obviously, but over the course of the 2006 season I learned to like him a bit. He hit .285 with the third-highest OPS of his career and the team seemed to take to him, so I came to appreciate him.

Like so many others, that sordid little love affair was short-lived. I am back to being sickened by him, and I hope I am right in assuming that you dear readers are in agreement. His injuries are so omnipresent that he is verging on Pavano territory, his defense is even more pitiful than mine, and he's hitting a laughable .233 - - only .223 with runners in scoring position and .216 in "close and late" situations. He's played just 43 games in the field, because of the aforementioned patheticness of his defense and the availability of Mr. Melky, whose performance far surpasses Demon's, and yet he remains in the lineup as DH. Using him in any game in his current state is a waste, but putting him in the lineup when there is a superior man to play in the field and any living body on the bench is just plain ridiculous. Even with poor little Wil Nieves's batting woes, the Yankees would be far better off having him catch and using Posada as the DH, leaving Demon to rot on the bench as he should. Even Cairo would be a better DH at this point - at least he's hitting .260 and can bunt. In fact, I think Andy Pettitte hits over .100 and he is a lefty, so how about him? At least he doesn't make me sick.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 20, 2007   7 comments
More A-Rod Chat, I'm Sorry
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
I've dedicated quite a bit of time and energy to A-Rod's woes (the past few post-season series...boooooo...) and heroics (all the other times, especially now) on this here blog, and while I would love to discuss any of the many other glorious aspects of my favorite sport (like the fact that our boys have at last hoisted themselves out of loser dungeon and climbed atop winners' hill like a real live team!) there are just too many A-Rod tales to tell. Last week I expressed my concern over the fact that A-Rod will most likely declare free agency and subsequently be signed by another team to a contract that could feed every starving man, woman, child, and puppy in Africa, but it his current contract that has many people scratching their heads. I received several emails inquiring about the nature of this contract - how long the Yankees have to resign him, for instance, and how many blond strippers he is allotted per month - and while I am by no means a lawyer specializing in contracts (or a writer specializing in writing, for that matter), I am a whiz with the ol' Google so I did a little research and learned enough to pass a RCSAT (Ridiculous Contracts Standard Aptitude Test) with flying colors. For your learning pleasure, here is the abridged version of my findings:
  • Signing bonus: Paid in $1 million installments on March 1 and Dec. 1 from 2001-2005
  • Opt Out: He can terminate his contract and become a free agent after the 2007, 2008 or 2009 seasons, 10 days after the World Series is over.
  • Escalator: The Yanks must increase A-Rod's salary for 2009 and 2010 by $5 million each year or $1 million greater than the average annual salary of the highest paid non-pitcher player that year - whichever is greater.
  • Deferred Payments: A portion of A-Rod's salary will not be paid until after his contract is up after the 2010 season. Deferred money accrues interest at 3% annually and will be paid from 2011 through 2020, some by the Texas Rangers (see below).
  • No Trade Clause: Self-explanatory. He can't be traded unless he waives this clause and approves it.
  • Award Bonuses: For the record, A-Rod could theoretically earn an extra $2,100,000 just in bonuses in one year if he won all these awards this year (he's already got 1 MVP with the Yanks and got the most All-Star votes...).
    Most Valuable Player — $500,000
    Second MVP — $1 million
    Third or more MVP — $1.5 million
    MVP voting second-fifth — $200,000
    MVP voting sixth-10th — $100,000
    All-Star selection or election — $100,000
    Most All-Star votes in league — $100,000
    Baseball America/Sporting News/UPI/AP/USA Today All-Star team — $100,000
    Baseball America/Sporting News/UPI/AP/USA Today MVP or player of year — $100,000
    World Series MVP — $200,000
    League championship series MVP — $150,000
    Division series MVP — $150,000
    Gold Glove — $100,000
    Silver Slugger — $100,000
  • Texas's Contribution: Lo mas importante! When Texas traded A-Rod to the Yanks they agreed to pay a healthy portion of his salary throughout his contract - $67 million, to be exact. They will pay $8 million of his salary in 2008, $7 million in 2009, and $6 mil for the 2010 season. In addition, the Rangers will be paying a chunk of that aforementioned deferred money after A-Rod's contract is up. In other words, if A-Rod were to stay with the Yanks, the team would, because Texas is picking up some of the tab, be getting quite a discount on a player that could easily sucker another team into paying $30 million a year.

From these details and the power of deductive reasoning, we can see that there is quite a sizable advantage in resigning A-Rod before he gets the chance to opt out, as they will lose all that cash that Texas is chipping in.

In other words, if the Yanks have ANY sense at all, they will offer A-Rod a major extension before he opts out so that they can continue paying him a reduced rate until 2011. Since A-Rod said he would not discuss his contract until the season is over, that means the Yankees will have just 10 days after the World Series (well... that is if the Yankees were to make the World Series by some stroke of luck/magic/witchcraft/sabotage; it is much more likely that A-Rod's season will end before that and therefore give the Yanks a few more days to work with...) to convince A-Rod to stick around in the NYC. Mark it on your calenders.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Wednesday, July 18, 2007   7 comments
To Cooperstown!
Sunday, July 15, 2007
It has been about 7 weeks since I made the transition from California Yankees Chick to the New York variety, and living in Yankeesville has afforded me a plethora of ways to feed my borderline unhealthy obsession with baseball. I have attended 4 games at Yankee Stadium, 1 at Shea (the Yanks were on a road trip; any baseball is better than none, no?), watched games with other die-hards in bars, and purchased some fine goodies at the official Yanks clubhouse store, but nothing indulges a baseball obsession like a journey to the Hall of Fame. I made the pilgrimage yesterday - a journey which takes upwards of 4 hours before one accounts for the delightfully inconvenient road closure that detoured us down a dirt "street" named Jug Tavern Road - and it was an experience well worth the drive. The entire town breathes baseball, from the restaurants (I ate at Triple Play Cafe), to the stores to the multiple stadiums, but of course the museum itself is the main event. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of checking it out and those of you who have but can't get enough, here are some pictures of my time in Cooperstown:

Exhibit A: Outside the museum. Pretend all those people aren't in the way of my shot.
Exhibit B: Gehrig's locker! Gehrig not included with purchase.
gehrig locker
Exhibit C: A turnstile from the original Yankee Stadium, when tickets did not cost $290382 and hot dogs were less than $32198
Exhibit D: Babe Ruth ad for Japanese promo. How do you say "hot dog" in Japanese?
babe japan ad
Exhibit E:
Allow me to introduce my good pal Mickey
mickey and maureen
Exhibit F:
The hats Nolan wore during each of his no-hitters. About 3 shy of being able to open a hat store.
nolan's hats
Exhibit G:
Whitey's Hall of Famer plaque, nice and shiney
Exhibit H:
I hate the Dodgers, but these original seats from Dodger Stadium are pretty cool
dodgers seats
Exhibit I: The legend that is Jackie - he competed with Babe for title of "most stuff in HOF"
Exhibit J: This was the only Devil Rays display I saw, so I took a picture. I feel a little bit sad for them. Just a little.
devil rays
Exhibit K: All the secrets of baseball were revealed to me
do you hear what i hear?
Exhibit L: Bernie's 1996 World Series bat. I miss him :( bernie bat
Exhibit M: I took this picture in case I ever feel the need to vomit but am for some reason unable to do so; I will just pull this up and I'll be good to go
bloody sock
Exhibit N: Lineup card for 9/25/1998 - win # 114
Exhibit O: The bat Matsui used when he became the first player to hit a grand slam in his first game in the MLB. And Angel Berroa won the ROY?!
matsui bat
Exhibit P: World Series bling, yo
world series rings
Exhibit Q: HOLY COW!
rizzuto in cow form
Exhibit R: Mmmmm Milwaukee sausage
Exhibit S: The rarest card in all the land - only an estimated 50 exist
honus Exhibit T: 1950 Yanks. Olde Tyme
1950 yanks
Exhibits U-Z have been omitted, because I'm assuming 99% of you did not even make it past F. If you did, good work!


posted by Yankees Chick @ Sunday, July 15, 2007   19 comments
A-Rod is a Stud. A Soon-to-be-Free-Agent Stud.
Friday, July 13, 2007
I'm not sure if you noticed, but A-Rod is having a damn good year. This is not necessarily a surprise, as he certainly has proved his talent time and again throughout his career, but 2007 has shown us an A-Rod who is not only an extraordinary athlete but a downright vital member of the team. The Yankees have struggled all year - although last night they did enjoy a brief spell as a member of the .500 club!! - but if not for A-Rod there would likely be little if any hope left for a playoff spot (and no, I am not naive, I am realistic and recognize the relative improbability of a surge to take over the division or even the wildcard, but as I mentioned at the end of the first half of the season, there still remains plenty of reason to believe that with a little bit of luck [no more line-drive-induced broken bones, por favor] and a lot of heart this team is still capable of such a feat). His contributions to this often floundering club have been vital to their survival:
  • 31 homers
  • 87 RBI
  • .317 average
  • .415 OBP
  • .668 slugging %
  • 1.086 OPS
  • 17 stolen bases
  • .388 average with 16 RBI in "close and late" situations
  • .444 average with 2 homers with bases loaded
  • .442 average with men on and 2 out
Whether his performance and obviously improved attitude were sparked by some quality Jim Fannin life coaching, an ego-boosting romp with a stripper, Jeter's attempts at providing his sorta buddy with some encouragement, or a bid to increase his value on the free agent market, his year has caused quite a commotion. The opt-out clause in his "Boras Special" contract means that he can declare free agency after this season (10 days after the World Series, to be precise), and he has every reason in the world to do just that. The monster contracts that Soriano and Barry Baked Ziti scored prior to the 2007 season and now the doozy of a deal the Mariners struck with Ichiro have set quite the precedent for multi-gazillion-dollar, mucho-long-term contracts, and a free agent A-Rod would surely be the next beneficiary of such a deal. Boras has already stated that he anticipates a $30 mil/year deal for A-Rod, and with every homer he hits his stock and asking price climbs even higher. Regardless of his price, there will be several teams willing to shell out the big bucks for A-Rod if/when he declares free agency. The Yankees are well aware that if they want to hold on to him their best bet would be to sign him to an extension before he gets a chance to be on the market, but unfortunately for us A-Rod supporters he has put the kibosh on any contract talks for the time being.

The bottom line, my most delightful friends, is that I fear the most important part of this year's team may very well be in his last year as a Yank. I wouldn't blame him much for jumping ship, as New York has not been very kind to him, and he will definitely be rewarded with massive amounts of cash dollars no matter where he goes. At least he'll become the youngest player to hit 500 homers (just 5 to go!) as a Yankee....

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Friday, July 13, 2007   3 comments
Just Keep Your Chin Up! Ok Now Bring it Back Down a Notch.
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
There is no denying the pain the Yankees put us through over the course of the first half of the season, but I feel it is time that we put that behind us and look forward to better times in the coming months. It is true that they finished the first half under .500 (42-43) and with no fewer than 7 players on the DL (technically 8 if you count Mr. Pavano, which I do not because he is not actually a “player” in the strict sense of the word), but there are plenty of reasons to believe that all hope is not (yet) lost. They went into the All-Star break on a positive note, winning the 4-game series against the Twins and then taking 2 out of 3 from their mortal enemies the Angels, and both Hughes and Karstens are slowly but surely pulling themselves out from the depths of the seemingly bottomless DL-pit. Better still is the Yanks’ summer schedule, which looks significantly less intimidating than their grueling first half: they play just one more 3-game series against the Angels and 6 more games against the Red Sox (they faced them 12 times in the first half). Instead, they will have a chance to make up some ground with some "easier" games when they play 10 against the Royals, 14 against the last-place Devil Rays, and face the floundering Orioles 12 times.

Of course, even with a lightened load on the schedule front and the prospect of Hughes and Karstens rejoining the team to shoulder some of the burden, there still remains quite a hurdle between the Yanks and the post-season. After the Red Sox fell victim to the broom of the Rockies (what is truly sad here is the fact that the Yankees were also swept in Colorado and therefore I really have no business mocking Boston for their failure; if there is anything sadder than not being able to jest at Boston's expense, I am not aware of it) and the Yanks won 2 against the Angels the gap between the two still stands at 10 games, and they are 8.5 games out in the wildcard hunt. In my professional Baseball-Analyzer-and-Mathematician opinion, the odds of knocking the Red Sox out and winning the division are significantly brighter than the chances of them hopscotching Cleveland, Oakland, Seattle, Minnesota and Toronto to win the wildcard spot. 10 games is a considerable margin, sure, but insurmountable? It doesn't have to be. This team has not played to its potential for longer than a few innings all season - much to the collective chagrin of Big Stein, the Cash Man, Torre, you, and the Yankees Chick - but from the glimpses we have seen and the track records of the boys, they could certainly play better than the Sox if they were so inclined. It seems oversimplistic and a tad absurd in light of all the hardships the Yanks have endured this year, but I still wholeheartedly believe that the Yankees could and would be in first place if they just had a different attitude. Perhaps the combination of an easier schedule and the return of our wounded soldiers will be enough to spark some passion into that lackluster clubhouse.

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Because I Have Nothing To Say About the Yanks
Saturday, July 07, 2007
After the miserable display the Yankees put on today (only the Rocket is exempt from my wrath today; the rest of those losers should be sickened with themselves for not being able to back the old man up with so much as a sac-fly or goddamn base hit), my brain is simply incapable of discussing anything Yank-related. Since the season is just about half over, let's check in with the other 29 teams. As usual, I'll sum each team up in 10 words or less so that you can get back to tending your effigies of Big Stein before the fires get out of control.

AL East
Life is unfair
Boston (53-33): Honestly didn't expect them to be good this year! Wrong.
Toronto (42-44): Enough injuries to make Pavano feel at home.
Baltimore (38-48): Would like to visit stadium. No, not for a game.
Tampa Bay (34-52): Lost 9 of last 10. Never had a chance anyway.

AL Central
Y'all seriously need to stop winning so the Yankees Chick can hope for a Wild Card spot
Cleveland (52-35): 1 Sheffield suspension away from knocking Tigers out.
Detroit (51-34): Can we borrow some offense?
Minnesota (45-42): Scored 32 runs against Sox Friday. Football score?
Chicago (38-47): Downward spiral.
Kansas City (37-50): I don't know what to tell ya.

AL West
Until you get another team, winning this division will not be as impressive
Los Angeles (53-34): They are good, and not just against the Yanks.
Seattle (48-36): Didn't realize they were good, but record is .500+!
Oakland (44-42): No offense... except against Yanks.
Texas (37-50): Worst management ever.

NL East
At least one NY team is on top of things
New York (48-38): Still the "favorite". Have they not seen the Padres?
Atlanta (45-42): Smoltz on the shelf. Mets fans can breathe.
Philadelphia (43-44): Could have a shot with better 'pen.
Florida (42-46): Really not that bad! Still no chance though.
Washington (35-52): Can we have Nick Johnson back?

NL Central
Are any of you even trying to beat the Brewers?
Milwuakee (49-38): Better get ready to pee your pants.
Chicago (44-42): Soriano has been great, but $136M? Still too much.
St. Louis (39-45): How did you win the World Series? You're not good.
Pittsburgh (39-48): Why is Chacon good now? Bastard.
Houston (38-50): At least Clemens joined a WINNING team. Oh, wait...
Cincinnatti (35-52): Give up and give Padres Dunn already.

NL West
Why are these teams so good this year and the Yankees so bad?!
San Diego (49-37): World Series, I'm positive. Who in NL is better?!
Los Angeles (48-40): Pitching at exhaustion status. Good luck.
Arizona (47-42): Pitching pretty damn good, but not Padres-caliber. Can't compete.
Colorado (44-43): Sweeping folks like nobody's business!
San Francisco (38-47): 4 more bombs, Bonds. Get it over with.

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More Like All-SUCK Game!! (Yes, I have the sense of humor of a 6 year old)
Friday, July 06, 2007
There are many aspects of this crazy little game that drive the Yankees Chick batty (not that I am one to complain, no sir!), from people's insistence on using the useless win stat to the lack of effective drug policies, and the All-Star game also has a home on my i-dont-like-you-one-bit list. Every July our near-daily dose of important baseball is rudely interrupted by a near-meaningless (save for the lamentable fact that home field advantage for the World Series is dependent on the outcome of the game; fear not, we will be returning to this matter in a moment) game surrounded by 2 off-days, and the problems with this affair are many. I realize that some folks enjoy the 3-day reprieve from the usual grind and get a kick out of watching players from different teams join together for a game, but I find the whole operation to be frustrating and even quite worrisome. Let’s examine:
  • The threat of injuries alone is enough to make me wary. Yes, each player generally only stays in the game for a couple innings, but all it takes is one sharp drive back to the pitcher (see Rasner, Karstens) or an accidental collision (see Mientkicantspellhisname) to put a player right out of commission. Since the game features the top players of the game, the damage an injury would do to a team is greatly intensified. Imagine if Jeter or A-Rod were to get smacked in the face by a wayward pitch
  • Home field advantage during the World Series is much too crucial a matter to be determined by a game that is not taken seriously by most players – many of the participants already know that the post-season is not in their future and thus have no real incentive to ensure their league wins the game, and the threat of injuries keeps most if not all players from going all out. The AL has a clear advantage, winning 15 of the last 20 All-Star games (2002 ended in a tie; no it was not a hockey game), and that surely isn’t fair for the NL World Series team.
  • Taking 3 days off could be detrimental to a team that needs to be rallying for a post-season race, such as the Yankees this year. The only way they are going to have a shot at October is if they buckle down, focus, and start consistently winning 5+ in a row. The last thing this team needs is to get out of the groove - they’re still not even in their groove.
  • The idea of an All-Star game is to showcase the league’s best players, but the rosters do not reflect that. Fan voting turned the selection process into a popularity contest, putting the most exciting or well-known players ahead of lesser-known or small-market folks. Also, since the rosters much feature at least one representative from each MLB team, some talented players do not make the cut simply because there is no room.
That said, congratulations to Jeet, A-Rod, and Jorgie, who will be representing the Yanks in the game this year. A-Rod may decide to sit out and take the 3-day break to rest his strained hammy (a much wiser use of the break than playing in the game, if you ask me), but I’m sure it was a nice feeling for him to come out on top of the voting. I’ll be watching, of course, but throughout the entire game I will be thinking “I sure do wish I was watching an actual game right now and not a bunch of dudes that don't know or like each other half-assing their way through 9 innings of baseball.”

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Well That's Normal
Tuesday, July 03, 2007
When faced with one of life's struggles, it is human nature for one to develop coping mechanisms to see him or herself through the hard times. A soldier, for example, may take to telling jokes to get his mind of the horrors of war, or a Yankees fan from California may try to convince herself the she can be equally passionate about the Chargers after the Yanks' fail to make it out of the ALDS (again) - such simple trickery of one's mind can prove invaluable in the preservation of sanity. As with most things though, there is a fine line between normal, healthy behavior and a dangerous foray into self-indulgent immaturity that not only hinders one's emotional health but is just goddamn annoying.

This weekend the baseball world was subject to two such displays, and both were courtesy of folks associated with our dearly beloved Yankees. After suffering a sickening and downright embarrassing loss to the A's on Saturday - an occurrence worthy of deep shame and regret, no question - the overworked and underperforming Dr. Proctor dealt with his frustration by setting fire to his glove near the dugout. While I sympathize with Scotty's fury, in my professional opinion it is generally advisable to hold off on indulging one's inner pyromaniac until a situation truly deserving of such teenage melodrama arises, like getting dumped by a cheating boyfriend. Even then, common sense and a shred of dignity usually steers a person to their own backyard (or the driveway of the aforementioned boyfriend, which I feel brings a touch of class to the situation) rather than a 55,000-capacity sports stadium.

Doc Proc's antics were ridiculous, but the team can be comforted by the knowledge that it wasn't particularly offensive, just moronic (he has to buy a new glove now, what a waste of cash dollars). Cynthia Rodriguez, A-Rod's wife and baby mama, took things up a notch the next day when she showed up to the stadium to cheer for her hubby sporting a tank emblazoned with a nice "Fuck You" in chic Olde English lettering. Yes, she was with her child. Yes, there were other children in the vicinity. Yes, parents were fucking pissed. I'm sure the constant media scrutiny and lambasting of her husband (oh and that stripper thing) make it difficult to refrain from cursing at (or strangling) people on a daily basis, but it baffles the mind that an adult woman - especially one in the public eye, and especially the wife of a man about whom there is already plenty of controversy - could put that shirt on, take a gander in the mirror, drive to the Bronx, walk into the stadium, take her seat, and not realize that perhaps that was not the best idea. However, it does make me consider that perhaps A-Rod could have been hanging out with that "mystery blonde" back in May not for sexual purposes but because he needed adult companionship with a woman possessing marginal intelligence.

The good news is that these public displays of idiocy probably can't make things any worse for the team; they are losing plenty well without any additional detraction.

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posted by Yankees Chick @ Tuesday, July 03, 2007   4 comments
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